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    Default Change 5800 UMTS Bands


    I have a Nokia 5800 XM with RM-356 and 0559407: Israel BLUE product code and I'm the second owner and have no ideea what first owner may done to it.

    However, I cannot use this device on Europe UTMS (3G) because my device doesen't connect on 3G Network.
    I read product information in Phoenix and find out this line :
    CS type : GSM850/GSM900/GSM1800/GSM1900/WCDMA II/WCDMA V/
    So, this seems in fact a product made for North America (they use those WCDMA -1900 and 850- bands). In Europe we use WCDMA Band I (2100)

    Is there a way to reflash (or something) to make my phone to use 2100 band ? thank you

    update: I will paste every information about phone, it might help

    Product type RM-356
    MCU SW version V ICPR72_10w04.5 22-03-10 RM-356 (c) Nokia
    APE SW Core version V 50.0.005
    Content Pack version v 50.2010.06.1_001_000_U01 17-03-10 vanilla RM356
    IMEI plain 359348020192472
    IMEI spare to net A359348020192470
    IMEI SV to net 33593480201924760F
    Production serial number CZB777016
    Product code 0559407
    Basic production code 0559231
    Order number 0570120
    Product specific data 0 24 0 0 0
    Default SN type 0
    CS type GSM850/GSM900/GSM1800/GSM1900/WCDMA II/WCDMA V/
    HW version 1101
    RFIC version 17141715
    APE HW version 256
    DSP version ICPR72_10w05
    APE Variant version V 50.0.005V 50.0.005 V 50.0.005
    APE Test version eno_version
    Retu version 16
    Tahvo version 22
    APE ADSP SW version 256
    APE BT version HCI Version 12 (rev. 8192). LMP Version 12 (rev. 0). Manufacturer 12708.
    MCU checksum 01 05 02
    WLAN ID 00 24 7C F3 65 1E
    Bluetooth ID 00 24 7C F3 45 DF
    I just find out that RM-356 should have WCDMA 900/2100 while RM-428 have WCDMA 850/1900 (like mine). Still, mine is RM-356 (also write on the label on the board ).
    I just need WCDMA I band (2100)

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    Default Re: Change 5800 UMTS Bands

    you can't change UTMS bands, because it belong hardware


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