Hello guys, newbie here but not to Nokia and flashing. Recently got my hands on EU version of 5230. Now trying to flash it to use on 3G with T-Mobile (Band IV aka AWS).

<b>Can anyone with experience tell me if it is possible to switch firmware from one RM version to another? Specifically, is there any way to convert European RM-588 to US (T-mobile) RM-593 and if that will allow use of US AWS bands and T-mobile 3G?</b>

1. I've heard it said that there is no hardware radio difference between the different RM-xxx handsets, but the difference is in the firmware, so that the 3g frequencies the hardware supports are all the same on all type of 5230 handsets, but the difference is in the RM-xxx firmware as to what 3g bands are enabled.

2. Some say you MUST NOT and maybe CANNOT reflash the firmware from one RM-xxx type to another handset which was manufactured to be a different RM-xxx type. The reason for this is said to be that it is either impossible to do, or if it were done, it would make the handset not work properly due to different radio / frequency configuration related firmware being needed for different handsets for the different 3G frequencies the different RM-xxx models support.

<b>Which one is it? Proof?</b>