Hope there are some members out there that can help me with my problem. Tried to reinstall firmware version 40.0.005 through Nokia OVI suite and OVI suite crashed halfway through the installation. Phone is dead and hard reset doesn't work. Found out later that firmware updates should be done through NSU which is the way I usually loaded all previous upgrades. Silly me. This phone was bought in Saudi Arabia back in 01/2009 while I was a aircraft maintenance contractor and nowI am back in the US. Nokia basically told me I am on my own and take to any repair business that will fix it. Nokia phones aren't very popular in the US yet and this is my third one and I like them very much. So now I am going to try and flash the phone myself after watching the "Video Guide To Flashing with JAF" posted on Feb. 10, 2010 in Symbian Hackers. I have the firmware through Navifirm and I have Nokia OVI Suite for the drivers. When I try and start JAF, I get an error message "P-Key dongle not detected. Please insert activated dongle." I also get an error message on JAFCOMEmulator, "Can't load ft8u245.dll". If there is anyone out there that can assist me it will be very appreciated.