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    Default Nokia 5233|5230|5800|5530|X6 - RM-625|588|356|504|559 - Distro [Team Unleashed]



    Released! Check the Downloads Section!
    BT Headset Bug is now Fixed! [Exclusive]
    Fix Added below!
    New Mirror Links Added! [Be Happy! ]
    [Hot!] New Icons by iChris701. HERE
    You can use them if Not for the N9 icons!




    Beta-Testing Team:

    Bulletproof136 [Special Credits!]

    Special Thanks to:


    RM-356 Uploaded by: 1011054v and Swapnil Wajpe

    Blog by DominiK


    ## Performance:

    --Smooth User Interface for heavy loading.
    --Fast, Quick and Stable performance.
    --Modified and Edited Many major System files.
    --All Drives will load System Cache.
    --Highly Increased System Cache.
    --Very High Frame Rates per Second for Gaming and running Applications.
    --Increased & Juiced Battery Life [We got 30 Hours when Testing and Heavy Loading!] :P
    --Awesome Screen Rotation.

    ## General Modifications:

    --No vibration while Locking and Locking using the Side Key.
    --Extra Sensor settings - Tapping controls Added.
    --Java Permissions completely Removed.
    --Widgets Security is now Disabled. No harassment!
    --Ovi Contacts Completely removed and Disabled.
    --Show open Apps removed [We don't like it! :P]
    --Tap to Unlock Added with working Notifications.
    --Press and Hold '0' to Switch ON Bluetooth.
    --BT Headset Bug is now Fixed for N97 v30 Ports! [Exclusive]

    ## Miscellaneous:

    --Space reserved by Fota is cleared.
    --Check for updates removed [Update Manually!].
    --Multi language fix [Use Distro in your language! ].
    --Swipe Homescreen to get all widgets cleared.
    --Message tone 4 selected as default.
    --Theme Effects are ON by default.
    --Rotation is ON.
    --General profile renamed to 'Distro'. [Come on, Give us some credits! :P]

    ##Internet and Browsing:

    --Browser Cache size increased to 32 MB.
    --Browser Cache Drive changed to E:\ .
    --Browser version is
    --Belle bar in Nokia Browser.
    --Bookmarks edited.

    ## Menu:

    --Photobrowser, TTPod, Conversations and Realplayer are Hidden from the Menu.
    --Themes and Profile now show in the menu.
    --Extended Menu mod added.
    --Center text added.
    --2x6 Symbian 3 Layout in Landscape.
    --Options menu pops up everytime Headset/Headphone is connected [Just like OFW].
    --No Scroll Bar mod.
    >> Thanks to: Drakulaboy.

    ## Graphics:

    --Custom Menu Busy Circle [Gridroot].
    --Symbian 3 Theme Effects [Fast and Good-looking! ].
    --Colourful Anna Icons [Exclusive]
    >> Thanks to: Binh24, Aky5233, Anti67. And ofcourse, Siscontents! :P
    --Belle bar! [Exclusive]
    >> Thanks to: n0tr3v3 and unknown25!
    --Belle Symbols on HS!
    --New Smilies in Messaging.
    >> Thanks to: Riztra.

    ## Media and Music:

    --Audio Codecs added from Allure [Exclusive]
    >> Thank you Venu383. We Miss you.
    --Symbian 3 Equalizer. One touch Equalizer.
    --4 more equalisers added to Music Player.
    --Radio RDS fixed. Listen to your local Radio.
    --Music Player reads only E:\Music Folder. Move all your Music to E:\Music folder.
    --Music Menu [Music HS]: TTPod & DzMusic Keys. [Exclusive]
    --RealPlayer Added to Videos & TV menu [Videos HS] [Exclusive]
    --RealPlayer hidden from the menu.
    --Mpeg Codecs added! [Exclusive]

    ## Gallery:

    --Photobrowser added to Photos menu. [Photos HS]
    --Gallery contains Delete Button in place of Share Online.
    --Gallery speed mod [Load Galleries faster]. [Exclusive]
    --Gallery won't search "Distro" and "Wallpapers" Folders
    --Photos App 1.0.1 by RKY added.

    ## Messaging:

    --More pages of characters in the Symbols page. Press star in messaging to see.
    --Smilies changed! Check the screenshots.
    >> Thanks to: Riztra and some chinese forum! :P
    --Smiley size increased!
    --Removed Messaging lag completely!
    --Message Reader now works! :P
    --Lady's Speech [Emily's] added to Message Reader.
    --Conversations app added to Messaging.
    --Added Conversation to Messaging
    --Default Sent items set to 999.

    ## Fonts:

    --Nokia Pure Bold fonts by n0tr3v3.
    --Clock font changed to N8.
    --Smiley Size highly Increased.
    --Fonts contain the Exclusive Belle Bar. Copy if you like but not for Commercial/Official Use. [Personal Only]

    ## Keyboard:

    --Auto Rotate Keyboard [Alphanumeric to Qwerty] Fixed.
    --C5-03 Qwerty icons Added.
    --Alphanumeric Keyboard Layout Changed.
    >> Thanks to: Dan-Av and New-Cooller.
    --N8 Qwerty Layout.
    >> Thanks to: Dan-Av and New-Cooller.
    --4 Row Qwerty Keyboard Layout [Numbers to the top].

    ## Date and Time:

    --Digital Clock set as default.
    --Clock is now 24 Hour format.
    --Date is DD-MM-YYYY format.

    ## Lights and Keyguard:

    --Light mods v3 by mara- and binh24 [for N97 v30 port]
    >> Thank you mara- and binh24!
    --Key Lights normal behaviour by Dan-av
    --Light settings configured as:
    >> 15 seconds - Lights will dim.
    25 seconds - Lights out.
    40 seconds - Lock! [Keyguard].
    --Lights when wired Headset/Headphone is connected. [Screen will Light up].
    --Breathing light off by default.
    --Auto-Keyguard adjustment option added to Settings.

    ## Apps Added:

    --RomParcher+ v3.1
    --Installserver patch v1.4 by Vova1989
    --No Scroll bar Patch by Drakulaboy.

    ## Changes in N97 Port:

    --N9 Icons by Chris_Marsh [Beautiful Work!]
    --Rearranged the Menu
    --Fixed all N97 Light bugs
    --DzMusic Keys Button Fix
    --Press and Hold '0' in Dialler to load Bluetooth
    --Removed Center Text [Users' demands!]
    --BT Headset Bug Fixed!! [Exclusive!!]
    --New Belle Symbols by masum52kk

    Download Mods and Fixes used in Distro:

    Read the 'Readme' provided! More info on Belle Navibar

    BLUETOOTH HEADSET BUG FIX FOR N97 v30 PORTS! - EXCLUSIVE! Don't Repost or Copy without My Permission!

    Belle Navibar used in Distro along with Extra WP7 Symbols


    User Variant
    First User Variant by 1011054v

    Many new Features and updates! Check it out!



    Links Below!

    ..Follow the Rules..
    ..Maintain Discipline..

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    Default Downloads Section

    Thanks to: 1011054v, Matrix_skopje, casseer15, SwapnilWajpe and Lord_revan for uploading!

    Mirror to all Distro C6 Downloads
    Mirror to all Distro N97 Downloads

    C6 v41 Port:
    Mirror to all Distro C6 Downloads




    RM-356 - Link by Matrix_skopje



    ************************************************** ********************

    N97 v30 Port:
    Mirror to all Distro N97 Downloads

    RM-559 Non-Belle
    RM-559 Belle Rofs2 and Uda OR Mirror Rofs2 + Uda
    Core - By Team Eclipse

    RM-625 Non-Belle
    RM-625 Belle - Updated on 4th August, 2012
    Core - By Team Eclipse
    v51.9 Core - Delete the rofs2 from this link, and rename Distro's rofs2 & uda to v51.9. - by vgp

    RM-588 Belle - 04th May, 2012
    Core - By Team Eclipse

    RM-356 Rofs
    RM-356 Belle - 3rd May, 2012
    RM-356 by 1011054v. Better and Stable with more Apps. For help, ask in the thread.

    Core for v60.0.003
    Core for v52.0.101

    Note v52.0.101 Users:
    Download this: RM-356 Belle from above.
    Rename the rofs2 to: RM-356_52.0.101_prd.rofs2.V01 and uda to: RM356_52.0.101_000_001_U001.uda
    Use proper core provided!

    RM-504 Belle
    RM-504 Users:
    Rename the RM-504 Rofs2 to "RM-504_40.0.003_prd.rofs2.V05"

    For all those who have problem with the 'X' mark, kindly read the FAQ below.

    Non-Belle version not posted for your RM Type? Use THIS LINK and copy everything to rofs2 and flash. This should remove the Belle Symbols. Credits to Droidz for posting!

    -- Use of Proper Core is mandatory.
    -- The new Link leads to the same result/RM/download as that of mediafire links. Both the links are mirrored.
    -- X6 users must tick 'Factory Set' in JAF when Flashing. Splashes will be installed when AutoInstaller is run.
    -- For Flashing Guides, Check
    -- For any problems or assistance, kindly report in the thread.
    -- Check the 'After Flashing' Instructions below to ensure no bugs whatsoever.
    -- If your confused on which port to choose, we recommend you go for the N97 port, Non-Belle bar variant; including newbies. Or ask in the thread.

    ..Follow the Rules..
    ..Maintain Discipline..

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    Default Instructions & Frequently Asked Questions


    Flashing Guide:

    Manual Flash Guide by Deeps_17


    Simplified Flashing For Newbies by F3AR

    After Flashing:
    --Don't touch the phone for 15 seconds when the phone boots and you see the bootscreen. Punch in your region details (date, time, country selection, region selection, lock code) after waiting.
    -After finishing the details, wait for the Homescreen to completely appear and again, wait for atleast 4-5 minutes before touching the screen. Kindly note that this HAS to be done as we are using S^3 Clock on HS, which takes time to give its effects (You can see it after flashing). Plus, effects are switched ON by default.
    --Now check the phone as you like. Go to kill Me, move mediabar.exe from removable to protected.
    --Restart the phone.
    --Restore Contacts in the same manner as instructed below, and not by restoring via PC Suite.

    [b]--Fix Notifications:
    Quote Originally Posted by chris_marsh
    Notification not working?
    Enter calendar for some Seconds n then exit it. It works.


    --I formatted/resetted my cellphone and I lost the splashscreens, what do I do?
    >> Install This

    --I have a problem with Favourite Contacts, what should I do?
    >> Its ok, just do this:
    Mark all Contacts, copy them to your memory card (Options >> Mark all, Options >> Copy Business Card >> to other Memory). Wait till it completes.
    Flash your phone (yes, again). After Flashing, Go to Contacts, Options >> Copy Business Card >> From Other Memory.
    Wait till it Completes.
    No Bug what so ever!! Even if you added some contacts to favourites and they disappeared, they will return.
    If you don't have a Memory Card, follow the same procedure with Sim Card.

    --How to activate Voice Command?
    Open Distro rofs2 in NFE STD 0.3 (Search DM for this app), to activate voice command, just open starter_non_critical_1.rsc in symbianrsc or resedit (Search DM again for these apps) and change vcommandmanager.ex$ to vcommandmanager.exe. $ to e
    That's all. Save, Copy back to rofs2, click repack and flash using this rofs2 (rename it).

    --The BT fix isn't working?
    Open NFE STD 0.3, and open Distro rofs2. Now for the BT fix, what you do is copy all the SAME files (files from my bt fix archive - check below) from binh24's port (goto his blog and download your rofs2) and put in Distro. You will have to goto many folders... (hectic work, but worth it), copy to rofs2 and click reload, repack. then rename n flash.

    ..Follow the Rules..
    ..Maintain Discipline..

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    Default Additional Links


    ## BLUETOOTH HEADSET BUG FIX FOR N97 v30 PORTS! - EXCLUSIVE! Don't Repost or Copy without My Permission!

    ## Belle Navibar used in Distro along with Extra WP7 Symbols

    ## Nokia 3.06 Maps by binh24

    ## TTPod 4.4 Extreme Edition

    ## QT Pack

    ## Theme used in Distro N97

    ## Wallpapers by F3AR

    ## Themes by F3AR

    ## Camera Mod for 523x Phone Models - No bugs whatsoever! Thanks to mr.w0nd3rfu1 and a little patch by me!

    ## N8 Smiley

    ## Ubuntu Fonts

    ## Extra Fonts Check Image:

    ## Make your own Splashscreen

    Want this?
    Be Patient, it will come! Keep checking this post! :P

    ## Blog by Dominik!

    ..Follow the Rules..
    ..Maintain Discipline..

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    Default Re: C6 Unleashed Distro Edition (New Thread for Discussion)

    Quote Originally Posted by danielprinceps
    This is still the best cfw ever for nokia x6, Shame that nokia could have made it like this and instead it made it...well nokia's way. Respect to the Devil! Mate when you will decide to stop developing for symbian v5 that will be the day it dies, we all might as well mark that day on nokia's toombstone sayng something like "Devilyazdan left Symbian v5 and so this day the oyutdated OS it went to hell, RIP Nokia". Do any of you guys see nokia saving itself from extinction, not with v5, certanly not with the outdated S^3, maybe with windows mobile? Anyway thank you Devilyazdan

    ..Follow the Rules..
    ..Maintain Discipline..

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    Default Re: C6 Unleashed Distro Edition (New Thread for Discussion)

    What a long time waiting mr.devil
    Would be great if this theme includes also,but it is imposible for that

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    Default Re: C6 Unleashed Distro Edition (New Thread for Discussion)

    look whoz bk afta such a long tym!! Gud to c u bk bro!!
    1) make it on da latest n97mini v 30 ported to 523x (cause it has better ram management + better battery lyf + speed n with ur moding u can make it even more faster better n stable + longer battery lyf) n c6 gettin out ov da scene man!! 2) full anna icons cause it in
    3) theme effects da 1 m using rite now is kewl wd pop up n is fast n wdout ny lags will pm u if u need it...
    4) all mods possible to improve its looks n performance n stuff. u know better man!!
    N 4 betta testing m always der lol !! N wil pm u a couple ov more suggestions k pal !!
    Ciao !!

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    Default Re: C6 Unleashed Distro Edition (New Thread for Discussion)

    Hey Devil! Good to see this thread up and going! Okay here some suggestions/ ideas/ comments, have a look around and do consider some
    1)Base: Have you decided on which base the fw is gonna be? C6v40 or N97v30 ? I'm not sure about both, so I cant' really say much, all i know is N97V30 doesn't have the ram management and battery life which the v12 port had, ad yes all mods don't work too, So i guess It's on you to decide about it..
    2)Theme Effects: The super turbo effects with rotation, dialer, may do the job, or some simple yet fast effects, not too heavy on ram, alternately you can have a look at my effects,
    3)Theme:Nokia Evolve, should be your only theme, and maybe if you want more then you can add Joeyfranko's themes, they are quite similar to S^3 themes and also the newer Anna black theme.
    4)Wallpapers and Splashes: The normal Nokia N8 default wallpapers included in the pack, If you want more splashes and wallpapers, PM me, I got some good things coming
    5)Icons: Anna icons please
    6)Apps: Accuweather, Xplore(anna,1.53), Battery Monitor, Nimbuzz and Opera Mini, and that does all the uselful apps with
    7)Misc:Include conversations in messaging, and possibly the email native app,Tap to Unlock, The new music player update, and also which audio codec will you be using? and lastly see that you provide the latest Ovi store with the Anna icon.

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    Default Re: C6 Unleashed Distro Edition (New Thread for Discussion)

    i have 1 idea. port much new mods never released on the net. like my idea? for much mods graphics and mods sistem I'm available.send me Pm for cofirmed my collaboration

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    Default Re: C6 Unleashed Distro Edition (New Thread for Discussion)

    As far as i now, you're going to release based in C6 OFW right ? As we already talked about it.

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