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    Default Nokia 5233 - RM-625 (V.40.1.003) - NOKIA FEEL

    Welcome To The CFW Thread

    [img width=800 height=490][/img]

    Our Team

    Karthik & Mageswaren

    Name : NOKIA FEEL
    Model : 5233
    Supported RM's : RM-625 (V.40.1.003)
    Bassed On : PNHT's C6 Port But Works With Core Of Binh24's Bassed On V.40.1.003

    Most Important

    This CFW is based on PNHT's C6 release n Binh24's Core for V.40.1.003 and NOT the original Nokia firmware (Navifirm) files.

    Quote from Our TEAM :

    - Don't flash using a higher version if you plan to revert back to an older version!

    - Favourite contacts: Copy your old contacts to SIM/Memory Card, then Soft reset your phone. After that, copy from SIM/ Memory Card to phone. It should work fine.

    - There is no way to remove themes that are in CORE. Don't waste your time asking about that.
    Guide For Flashing Your Phone With This CFW

    1. Download the Flash Tools from here: Nokia Flash tools
    2. Download the Original C6 FW files from the link given above.
    3. The Flash tools consist of JAF, Pkey Emulator, Nok4models.ini, Patches (Patches is not required in this case)
    4. Install JAF.
    5. Copy the ini and pkey file to the jaf installation folder.
    6. Copy your fw files (download link below) to C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-xxx (C:\= Windows drive)
    7. Connect ur phone in mass storage mode.
    8. Delete the Sys, System, Private and resource folders from it.
    9. Now switch off the phone and disconnet it from pc
    10. Launch the Pkey emulator (NOTE: if u are using Win7 or Vista, then run it in compatibility mode of Win XP SP2 with Administrator privilege.)
    11. Click on GO.
    12. JAF will start slowly and will show an error- BOX DRIVER NOT INSTALLED. Click OK.
    13. Click on BB5 tab.
    14. Untick ‘CRT 308’
    15. Tick ‘manual flash’ and ‘dead usb’ then tick ‘USE INI’
    16. Wait for abt 10 secs for the dialogue box to appear. Now select ur phone model number and its type. E.g. for 5233 select- RM-625 nokia 5233 cable 5232
    17. Switch off the phone and connect it to the pc and leave it.
    18. Click on the 'FLASH' button the top right corner of JAF window. Click 'YES'. JAF will say "PRESS POWER ON NOW! Searching for phone..."
    19. Now press the phone's power button for 1 second so that JAF detects it. Do Not Hold the button!
    20. Flashing takes approx. 1 minute and then JAF will say Done, after pooling the phone.
    The phone will then restart.
    21. Done



    Save files recieved through bluetooth directly to your memory card folder named as Recieved
    Photos will read only E:\Images and C:\Images
    Videos will read only E:\Videos and C:\Videos
    Pre-Patched CFW
    Can send any file with File Manager
    UI modded for an Super fast phone!
    Frames rates have been higly increased for a smoother phone.
    Battery has been tweaked for a longer battery life.
    Optimized the FW for heavy loading, multi- tasking and gaming.
    Improved File-System Caching MOD
    System cache in E:\ for high performance
    Enabled Caching in All Drives
    Now Modded for Excellent Performance
    Highly Increased Application/Gaming frame rates
    Increased Response Rate (Touchscreen will be more Highly Responsive!)
    Music Player is now more faster!
    Music Player will refresh Music Library much faster now!
    Music Player highly responsive!
    Instantly pauses/plays on clicking the buttons)
    Effects complexity Reduced.
    Heap Size increased.
    Lags in Messaging and menu are now removed.
    UI Polished for heavy usage and faster phone experience.
    RAM will never go below 60+ MB and the phone will give astounding speed!
    RAM Caching mod added which tweaks RAM for optimum performance.
    Smoothest Kinetic Scrolling Ever!
    Phone Fully Hack But will not have ROMPATCHER!
    Installserver exe added. No need to use installserver patch anymore!
    CPU personalized for an extremely stable phone!
    Now experience the stability and tell us yourself!
    Single Variants released. With N8 icons.
    Extremely Fast Screen Rotation
    Now get a very fast phone!
    N8 Swipe to Unlock and C6 v20 dialler added.
    All C6 lights problem fixed (Thanks by mara)
    Green Light while charging ON
    Camera will not eat RAM after one closes it.
    Restart Option instead of "Lock Screen and Keys" in Power Menu (Thanks to CODeRUS)
    Camera Sound will be disabled if you use Capture Tone 1.
    Many Nokia Tunes from Nokia N8 added.
    Display lights timeout and automatic keyguard time set to 60 seconds.
    Default bluetooth name: Nokia 5233
    FOTA reserved space removed to get more space in C:\
    Voice recording during call fixed.
    Now phone won't crash if you call someone while recording simultaneously.
    Zero start up of background applications
    RAM cache will Auto-optimize
    Display rotation is ON by default
    Breathing light is ON by default
    Analog clock set as default.
    The Digital clock now looks like N8's clock
    Android Fonts Used
    Dialler landscape disabled.
    Very Smooth Kinetic Scrolling
    Blank UDA supplied to get highest possible free space on C:\
    Camera Image Quality improved
    Camera will not leave in background
    Camera can now zoom in/out with the volume keys!
    Video Capture frame rates increased
    Voice recorder records upto 12 hours!
    Voice recording quality set to highest!
    Gallery searching is very fast now!
    Gallery will not mix up pictures and videos
    Nokia Photo Browser integrated in Photos Homescreeen
    Music Player will read E:\Music\ Only!
    Radio completely fixed.
    Now Resume downloads even after restart!
    Browser can now go landscape even when the rotate sensor is off
    Browser Cache moved to E:\ and increased to 40 MB!
    The menu is now well arranged
    All Lags in Menu removed
    "Show Open Apps" Removed
    Messaging lags removed
    Now scrolling thousands of messages will not be a problem, thanks to the Smoothest Kinetic Scrolling!
    All new and eye-catching Splashscreen and Shutdownscreen!
    Bootscreen Volume set to : 6
    Media bar bug completely fixed!
    All light bugs fixed! (Thanks to mara)
    Multilanguage support bug fixed!
    Lags in Messaging Fixed.
    Radio bug completely fixed!
    'Two New E-Mail options' bug fixed!
    Favourite Contacts bug fixed completely.


    Nokia PhotoBrowser
    Nokia Notifications Widget


    File Browser
    Zip Manager
    Ovi Contacts
    Online Support
    Here and Now
    Video Call


    Nokia Blue ,Red ,Grey And Green are now added.
    N Series Themes are also added.


    1)Remove the sys,system,private and resource folders from memory card
    2)replace the original c6 v20 rofs2 with this rofs2
    3)After flashing...wait for 15 second in the country selection screen
    4)u have to manually turn autorotate on...

    No need to patch the lang pack for english as it is already patched
    so cam will work in english language

    Get ur desired lang packs here
    Lang PacksLang packs

    How to import a lang pack here
    Import a lang packimport a lang pack

    then for patching the lang pack instruction here
    How to patch langhow to patch lang

    ** Please Note: The Firmware is a ported version from Nokia C6. It is possible that it may contain bugs. Please post about bugs, if you find any, in the thread. Thank You**

    Download Link
    Download The New Nokia FEEL (Nokia 5233) V.40.1.003 HERE !!!!
    Password :

    Extras Pack
    This Extras Pack Has adobe reader , quickoffice,zip manager, and all other needed apps ,themes,fonts,widgets

    Please if you like this CFW , then click on the grenn up arrow to thank us ....

    Thanking You ...
    Karthik & Mageswaren .....

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    Default Re: Nokia 5233 RM-625 (V.40.1.003) NOKIA FEEL

    Thread is read 25 times but no comments yet......

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    Default Re: Nokia 5233 RM-625 (V.40.1.003) NOKIA FEEL

    hey awesom work buddy...
    plz can u just attach the font files u've used in ur cfw... android fonts"
    the font seems xcellent.. specially the upper case P,D etc... n overall n awesum cfw from the specs... keep up. +1

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    Default Re: Nokia 5233 RM-625 (V.40.1.003) NOKIA FEEL

    Hey i have attached the fonts in the extras pack.
    or use this link for the android font.

    Download Here

    More release are coming on its way.

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    Default Re: Nokia 5233 RM-625 (V.40.1.003) NOKIA FEEL

    thanx bro... keep up wid ur releases.. gr8 wrk..

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    Default Re: Nokia 5233 RM-625 (V.40.1.003) NOKIA FEEL

    can you post a screenshot of your ram stats

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    Default Re: Nokia 5233 RM-625 (V.40.1.003) NOKIA FEEL

    surely will post in another half hour

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    Default Re: Nokia 5233 RM-625 (V.40.1.003) NOKIA FEEL

    hey will u plz include the bluetooth mod dat will save d files in meory card.. i think its out!!!!

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    Default Re: Nokia 5233 RM-625 (V.40.1.003) NOKIA FEEL

    Its already there only thing is you have to change your message memory to Memory Card.

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    Default Re: Nokia 5233 RM-625 (V.40.1.003) NOKIA FEEL

    is hindi language included..
    i can't find it on the link u posted nd also googled..
    i need it only as a writing language..
    can u do something??

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