Nokia 5800XM v50 CFW vol.3 by gabika

Tested my RM-356 Nokia 5800XM RED V.50 (Prod.code: 0570123)


* UNIVERSAL: support all languages, all mods on ROFS3!!!
* RomPatcher on Z drive (auto starting)
* Rompatcher two important patch auto copy to E:\Patches (Hard Reset too)
* The two important patch (Open All and Installserver) auto activate and "Add to auto" (Hard Reset too)
* Music Player: Search Only In E:\Sounds\digital
* Gallery: Not show music albums and Navi soft pictures
* Welcome blocked at Startup
* Sending SMS to nokia at Start up disabled
* Messaging, Contacts, Logs and other default apps wont auto start at boot
* Disabled OVI Store Client (securewidgetpreinstall)
* OVI Contact plugin removed from Contacts
* Deleted Browser bookmarks
* Nokia File Browser 4.5.2
* !!!HOT!!! - PHNT AutoInstaller Application ver.7 on ROM:
Auto Installer is app for auto-silent install apps after flashing/hard reset.
Put sis,jar files to "E:\pnht\C\" folder if apps have to be installed on C drive
Put sis,jar files to "E:\pnht\E\" folder if apps have to be installed on E drive
On first start-up it will install all apps from c,e folders.
In "c:\logs\PNHT\log.txt" you will find installation log.
If you want to run installer again just delete "AI.txt" form "c\data\" folder and restart phone.
When at least one file will be installed installer will create AI.txt file in Data folder and will not start at next boot
* Auto create "E:\pnht\C\" and "E:\pnht\E\" folders
* Java Persmission notifications all disabled
* Widget security warning disabled
* Caching on all drives
* Auto create E:\System\Cache folder (Hard Reset too)
* BT file transfer MOD
* Bluetooth Receiver 1.01
* Browser cache from c to e
* Camera Mod
* Bluetooth Name: Nokia5800
* Voice record Mod (high quality recording)
* FIXED: Cache MOD

Diabled Applications

* Chat
* Help (fixed system error)
* My Nokia
* Music Store
* OVI Store
* OVI Contacts
* Games: Bounce
* Games: Raging Thunder GT
* Internet folder: MySpace, Online Sharing, Online Search


* Basic (Omnia)
* Finger Use (Omnia)
* Contact Bar (original)
* Full Page
* Navigation Bar
* Vodafone (Full transparent)
* Orange Tornado (Semi transparent)
* Orange Tsunami (Full transparent)


* Red Planet theme (DEFAULT)
* Special boot voice (from Sony Ericsson Satio)
* Special boot Pics (NOKIA logo and "Nokia Hand" changed)
* Special menu circle
* Effect: Swerve 2


* Default Font
* With default theme 60-65 MB RAM
* C drive free: 65-70 MB

*****UDA CONTENT*****

* UDA Cleaned
* QuickOffice
* Removed Rihanna
* ROMPatcher Settings (Hard Reset too)


After flash don't use full restore your backup to phone memory
Use only Contact, Messages, Bookmarks and Calendar
Before flash save this files:
C-private-10202be9-101f8798.cre (Profiles)
C-private-10202be9-101f874d.cre (Alarm sound, Alarm settings)
C-private-100012a5-DBS_20019536_FrenFriendDb.db (Contact Bar HS settings)
C-private-101f4cd2-content-appshelldata.xml (Menu settings)

Flash your phone
Restore from backup your contacts, calendar items, messages, bookmarks
Dont USE settings!
Copy files back to phone
Restart phone

Sorry my very bad english...