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    Default Samsung Omnia HD - Pro Edition V3

    Hi all!

    Sorry google:

    First, I want to thank the Daily Forum Mobile team!
    Muveszur big thanks to the technical information, and the rotating applications that incorporated the V3!
    Gime grateful thanks to all my friends for help, and the V3 base wallpaper that he shot! 3D Gime (R)
    Thanks for the KS help Faenil!
    Thanks HX all modding!

    Thanks for everyone who uses modding cfw!

    Format drive before you upgrade to the E!

    Omnia HD Pro Edition V3 features:

    -Russian Fund-JD1
    -Improved Java-engine
    -C drive free space: 63MB
    -RAM: 174MB default main screen
    -Start, Stop individually adjustable, the files in the mods folder in this drive to pack it. Off-loading images and sounds to candidates individually. Fund contains sample files.
    -It's just a 3D task has been disabled, all the other left!
    -Web browser-cleaned.
    -Samsung LBS-folder cleaned.
    -Default language is English.
    -Language Pack: English. Other languages coming soon!
    -Full menu, sensor
    -Fixed voice telephone
    -For longer battery life
    -Rompatcher-integrated, total machine hack. Fund of installserver, open4all power and restart patch is active.
    -Message write mode, the phone book is also rotated.
    -All applications are rotated landscape mode! By: Muveszur
    -Hard-reset the memory unit is not formatted. Safety first. If a fly flies away and there is no handy telˇd pc, and recent pictures are as it has already absorbed.
    -Format a hard reset, or after it created a patch to patches folder of the drive that has created a mods folder.
    -Mods-folder contains: Pre auto focus, music player and gallery mod, kinetic scrolling method of propulsion. Removing Memory Card icon. Plus a mod which is close to the basic applications: contacts, messages, and hours. Vivaz sms chat. These things did not incorporate all that you decide what you want.
    -Fast-Start program.
    -Extended-cache on all drives.
    -Custom-wallpapers, ringing, sms, alarm sound, wallpaper
    -Fully-kinetic rotate menu!
    -5800 Sounds Wawe black theme integrated renamed Pro Edition on the original also remained inside. Plus a nice bright theme. Salmi Thanks! The player takes the basic background.
    -Satio-Listed main screen theme.
    -Browser cache, this drive
    -Photo quality was improved
    720p-HD video
    Custom-wallpaper. By Gime 3D Gime (R)


    Download english cfw(No multi qwerty)
    German-English multi qwerty and T9cfw

    Multi qwerty and T9 patch(English menu):
    Multi qwerty and T9 patch German and English menu:

    By: Liamstear HS icon pack! Thanks Liamstears! The best!
    Hungary-English no multi qwerty! You can update any PE V3 language pack!

    Liamstears HS Hungary-English

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    Default Re: Omnia HD Pro Edition V3

    Refresh page....


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