I am so happy that I finally got a hold of my phone's firmware using the new version of Navifirm. Thanks to all the kind souls in this forum, I am finally able to pull through! Now I really want to move on to do some customizations to my phone.

I have T-mobile and for some strange reason, my Nokia 5230 is not able to connect to their 3G network. I have the MS Exchange service running in the background, so I always get this "Packet data connection on hold" popup message whenever a call comes in. The message stays there and I cannot press any button on the screen until it times out. So if I want to put the person on speakerphone, I need to wait about 5 seconds before I can do that. Same thing happens when I dial out... It's a major inconvenience. Nokia ought to give us an option to disable that message.

So I searched around and I found out that there is a patch called "Disable Data Connection" by CODeRUS which is supposed to gets rid of this popup message. Does anyone know if it is possible if I can apply that patch directly into my custom firmware?
I have a Nokia 5230. But I think that all V5 phones get this message if their 2G data connection gets interrupted.