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    Default [QUESTION] Changing Splashscreens and Menu Circle

    Is it still possible to change the splashscreen and menu circle if I'm not using the original firmware?
    by the way, im using nokia 5800xm v.50 Saenz cfw.
    I already tried all the tutorials I found about changing the splashscreen and menu circle but it still did not worked.
    I'm thinking that maybe I cant change those things without editing the rofs2 and then flash it again.
    but that would be inconvenient for me cos' I have to backup all my stuffs, install the apps again, etc..
    I'm looking for ways to change those without flashing again.
    anyone here can help me? :P

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    Default Re: [QUESTION] Changing Splashscreens and Menu Circle

    See these
    You will need c2z4bin - Download the attachment below

    C2z4bin guide:,14150.0.html

    To create your own splash screen you need smartsis:,10488.0.html

    You need python 1.4.5 and Virtual keyboard to run Smartsis
    Virtual Keyboard:,7807.0.html

    Change splashscreen/bootscreen guide:,15219.0.html

    Finally: See here FORUM RULES (Should have seen before)
    You should have searched the forum as this question has been asked many times and guides are already present
    [quote]1. Search before you post. If you are looking for an answer to a specific question, there’s a good chance that it has already been posted. First try a search using likely keywords. If it looks like the question hasn’t been answered, please post!


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