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    Default RealPlayer not workin in my CFW


    I took soundcheck 2...since i wanted a fw wid all stupid default apps n games removed..
    and there was some problem with english language on added the original english
    language files.....used the uda from xte save space on c:\....added some
    simple mods like heap size...cache change...fota menu.mif....filebrowser..

    everythin is workin just doesnt work!

    Any one had any conflict's between some of the performance mods...or any other
    patches...n real player before?

    Dont wanna start everythin from scratch to fix this simple bug.
    Any kinda help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: RealPlayer not workin in my CFW

    What u mean with "it doesn't work", does it show an error-msg, crashes, doesn't start or doesn't recognize the files or what?


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