Hi friends,

Need some help..

I tried both Nokia Editor 0.6/0.7 by PNHT to create a cooked firmware for my N96 (FP2 s603rd). Unfortunately my phone was dead after that, so I tried to check whether the app is extracting and repacking my language (rofs) file properly or not, so I simply extracted and repacked without adding or removing anything and the result was same, it was bricked again.. So I simply flashed it with original firmwares and it is working again..

To add more to the info, I tried both PNHT and Adonix tools and both failed to repacked my rofs file properly as well as I tried Il.Socio tool too but unfortunately that didn't help too and the result was same, a DEAD phone.. It did vibrates once but screen just black..

Can anybody please suggest me on what to do next, coz I saw some s603rd users did manage to flash their phones with cooked firmwares..