Im looking for help with RM505_0575297_21.0.045 v.26 (Hong Kong black). (language Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional and English).

I tried to cook it myself, and managed to get it almost as I wanted but my firmware lacks the following things. So it you are able to cook a perfect one for me with the following things would I be grateful forever!

1. Remove preinstalled ovi maps from c: and be able to install it on e: instead

2. Remove preinstalled Quickoffice suite from c:

3. Remove preinstalled Qik, Facebook, Joikuspot, Boingo and World traveler from c:

* Already fixed* 4. Install RED led fix

* Already fixed* 5. Install No camera sound fix

6. Add Swedish language

7. Install all new memory and drive fixes to increase free ram memory

8. Install "NEEDED" patches for camera, music player, menu and so on.

9. Get back the FM-transmitter that is removed in the Hong Kong version.

My goal is to have around 60-70mb free ram

Hope someone can help me to cook it, or to give me tips how to do it myself.

Best regards Bumbi