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    Default [Mod] How To Change Text Digits (read in) [N 5800]

    Sorry For My Bad English:

    When we write a message every single keys "print" a letter.. like pressing the key n.2 we can write abc2 , with the key n.3 we can write def3 etc etc...

    now i found where we can mod this digits:

    1) Open resource\multitap\PtiEnglish.rsc (i will open with Notepad)
    2)Modify Digits with yours and save
    3) flash firmware with this mod!

    i've tried in my nokia 5800 and it works...tell me if you have problems with it...

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    Default Re: [Mod] How To Change Text Digits (read in) [N 5800]

    This mod has been around a long, long time. It's called custom multitap and I saw it on SF forum. There is a rompatcher patch for it. Do your research before posting. But at least you have actually supplied a patch unlike a lot of other people who have been asking stupid stuff like how can I mod this that and the other when all the stuff they're asking for has already been done with rompatcher patches.


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