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    Default All Mods for CFW | for Nokia 5800 v50 & v40 and other S60v5 devices

    This Post is a collection of various available system mods that CFW makers can use in their CFW to improve system performance and modify system actions
    Just offering a helping hand for newbees!!!

    Thanks all DailyMobile Users and CFW makers for making this thread such a huge success.
    If you like this thread, Do hit the Green Arrow!

    I have seen in some websites that my thread is posted there with no mention of the creator whatsoever and even without informing me. I just hate such idoits. If you want to copy this and paste in your website, why can't you inform me? Please have some respect for all this hard work and don't just copy this thread without telling me about it. Also please add a link back to this topic. Thank you!

    Put every mod in your CFW as placed inside the ZIP file

    New Updates - The descriptions are added in the supplied RAR file

    52. CPU Mod HERE
    This runs your CPU at full rate. If you are a high end user, use this mod but remember this will significantly lower your battery life
    51. Touch Vibration Mod HERE

    50. Settings mod 3 HERE

    49. Settings mod 2 HERE

    48. Settings Mod 1 HERE

    47. Profile Mod HERE

    46. Msg Mod 3 HERE

    45. Msg Mod 2 HERE

    44. Msg Mod 1 HERE

    43. Light Sensor Mod HERE

    42. Key Action Mod HERE

    41. Delivery Reports ON Mod HERE

    40. Default Volume Mod HERE

    39. BT Mod HERE

    Previous Updates - See below for descriptions and downloads

    38. v50 Application Policy Mod HERE
    Install unsigned applications without installserver patch (Works 99%)
    37. v50 BT Name Mod HERE
    Change your default Bluetooth file name after flash or hardreset
    36. v50 Cache drive change HERE
    Change browser drive cache location to E:/
    35. v50 Custom Version Mod HERE
    Change your custom version name and date released. Press *#0000# to check
    34. v50 Disable Keyboard light HERE
    Disable keyboard light (Saves battery Power)
    33. v50 Heap Size Mod HERE
    Increase system heap size and reduce application delay close time
    32. v50 Hidden Menu Apps HERE
    Get hidden application icons on menu (Profile, Conn. Mgr, Themes)
    31. v50 Lock Unlock Mod HERE
    Disable lock/Unlock vibration
    30. v50 Music Player Mod HERE
    Change music player search location to "E:/sounds/My Music"
    29. v50 Rotation lightning fast HERE
    Lightning fast screen rotation (Boosts your acceleratometer)
    28. v50 Sensor Mod HERE
    New "Tapping Control" option in sensor settings
    27. v50 Settings Open HERE
    All settings icons on the phone menu
    26. v50 Startup & Shutdown Mod HERE
    Change startup and shutdown animation/tone path and volume
    See readme file supplied in the package
    25. v50 Xtreme Menu HERE
    Xtreme Menu layout modified for v50
    24. 11 Menu Busy Circles HERE
    Choose from over 11 new Menu Busy Circles and use them.
    Rename each MIF to "Menu.mif" and place in "rofs2/resource/apps/"
    23. v50 Browser Rotation Mod HERE
    Provides options in browser to go to landscape mode even when sensor settings are off
    22. Camera RAM Mod HERE
    This Mod Forces the Camera application to clear the RAM Cache after the camera is turned off.
    21. v50 Camera Sound Mod HERE
    Removes camera sound even when warning tones are ON
    20. v50 RAM Cache change Mod HERE
    Moves the RAM Cache to C: for super fast performance
    19. v50 Default tone Mod HERE
    Edit the text file to change your Default Ringtone, Alarm tone, SMS tone for any profile
    18. v50 Default Theme Mod HERE
    Edit the last line in the text file and change the "Bold Text" to your theme UID
    0x14 string "20000008" 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail
    For 16digit UID themes. Head over to Page 17 for complete Details
    17. File Browser HERE
    Excellent Nokia File Browser with amazing functions. A must for a cfw!
    16. v50 HS New Icons Mod HERE
    Adds three new icons for your Homescreens
    15. Landscape-HS Mod HERE
    Turn everything into Landscape!
    14. Personalization Mod HERE
    Edit this file to set your own Boot Screen, Startup tone, Shut down Screen and Shutdown tone. See below!
    0x3 string "PATH FOR START UP TONE" 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail
    0xD string "Path FOR STARTUP ANIMATION" 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail
    0x12 string "Path FOR SHUTDOWN ANIMATION" 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail
    0x14 string "PATH FOR START UP TONE" 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail
    0x2 int 9 5 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail - Change startup volume by changing the digits "9 5" Highest Value = "9 9"
    0x15 int 9 5 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail - Change startup volume by changing the digits "9 5" Highest Value = "9 9"
    13. UI Acceleration Mod HERE
    Speeds up youe device a lot because of some graphics tweaks! Games and Applications run faster
    12. v50 Default StartUp Message Mod HERE
    Same file as "v50 Personalization Mod"
    So you need to merge your settings together...
    0x5 string "WRITE YOUR TEXT HERE" 16777216 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=WriteDeviceData
    0x6 int 1 16777216 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=WriteDeviceData
    [If the default value is "0" then change it to "1" to enable welcome note]
    11. v50 Widget security disable Mod HERE
    Disables annoying Widget security Warnings
    10. v50 Super Start Mod HERE
    1. Rom Patcher Autostart
    2. Disables Nokia Welcome SMS Sending
    3. Disables startup of background Running Apps
    9. v50 File Manager tweak One Mod HERE
    Enables sending of SIS, SISX, JAR files via Default File manager
    8. v50 File manager tweak Two Mod HERE
    Default file manager shows system files of E: drive

    7. v50 Disable KS in Short Lists HERE
    Disables Kinetic Scrolling in Short Lists and Removes laggs in Main Menu
    6. v50 Five Homescreens HERE
    Five Homescreen pack for CFW
    1. Finger Use
    2. Full Page
    3. Basic Omnia
    4. navigation bar Satio
    5. Contacts bar
    5. v50 Orange and Vodafone Homescreens HERE
    Place the files in CFW to get Orange and Vodafone Homescreens in your v50 Nokia 5800
    4. v50 Messaging Mod HERE
    Increases the number of saved messages in Sent items from 20 to 999
    3. v50 Recorder mod HERE
    Highest Quality Recording set to default and Recording time increased to 12hours by default in Voice Recorder
    2. v50 Video mod HERE
    Prevents Video from directly going into landscape mod even when the phone is in portrait position. The Video player will now respect the Phone's Acceleratometer
    1. v50 All patches Pack HERE
    All important RomPatcher patches with descriptions below:
    Install Everything.rmp - Allows the installation of any non signed application
    Show system files.rmp - Shows all system folder and files in C: and E:
    Remove Red Recording LED.rmp - Removes the RED led that lights up during Video Recording
    Record Tone OFF.rmp - Turns off call recorder beep during recording
    Remove Show Open Apps - Removes the "Show Open Applications" tab from options menu
    Block GPRS & WLAN.rmp - blocks bluetooth and WLAN
    Disable Logs.rmp - Disables LOG application
    Lock Settings.rmp - Disables settings application
    Lock Bluetooth.rmp - Locks the bluetooth
    Lock USB data.rmp - Locks USB connectivity
    Lock Installation.rmp - Prevents installing of any softwares
    Activate Bass Effects.rmp - Activates the bass effects
    c2z4bin THUMB.rmp - c2z like patch for binary files
    12 months call log.rmp - Increases log period from 30days to 12months
    LCD Light ON.rmp - Keeps the LCD backlight ON
    Show typed Password.rmp - Shows the typed password instead of "*"
    Show hidden options.rmp - Shows hidden options in options menu
    Restart Power Button.rmp - Long press power Button to Restart device
    Short Multi Tap.rmp - Decreases the waiting time between pressing of two keys
    Global Note Fix.rmp - Removes all popup notes (Base patch)
    Disable Enh Note.rmp - Disables many popup notes
    Disable USSD Notes.rmp - Disable operator USSD notes
    No Profile Switch Note.rmp - Removes the popup note that opens when profiles are changed
    ReadCRoot - Shows full C: drive contents on Default file manager (This patch is buggy, Be carefull)
    ... more mods will be updated slowly

    All v40 Mods - See Descriptions below! Download HERE
    1. New Improved KS - Improves Kinetic Scrooling to a great extent and makes the phone faster
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9 (Powered by Naughtypope)

    2. Bootscreen - Edit the file to change stastup sound and bootscreen image location
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    3. Cache Increase - Edit the files to change cache size and more
    Location: rofs2\sys\data

    4. Default Ringtone - Edit the file to change the default ringtone path and name
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    5. Camera-Quality - Improves Camera Quality a lot
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    6. Camera-Sound - Mutes the camera sound when the warning tones in profiles are turned off
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    7. - Disables auto startup of applications like clock, messages, log etc (Saves RAM)
    Location: rofs2\resource (file updated)

    8. Landscape-HS - Enables landscape in homescreen
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    9. Cache Drive Change - Changes cache location from C: to E:
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    10. Menu - Adds custom folder icons to menu (Folders like Navigation, tools etc)
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    11. Gallery - Edit the file to change what folders are monitored by "Images and Videos" of Gallery
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9
    Note: Edit attached file as follows...

    12. Default Theme - Edit this file to change the default theme(sound waves) to any theme that gets applied automatically
    during a hard reset
    read NOTE for details...
    Location: rofs3\Private\10202be9
    NOTE: If you remove the sound waves theme. You need to set another theme as default that will automatically
    be applied after a hard reset. To do this, use nokia editor, open rofs3>private>10202BE9>101F876F.txt
    Then see in the last line...

    "0x14 string "200157FB" 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail"

    Just change 200157FB in the line to the folder name of your chosen theme in resource folder (resource\skins\xxxxxxxx)

    See Page 17 for more details

    13. Custom version - Edit the file to change the custom version name of your CFW and even the date installed
    Location: rofs3/resource/versions

    14. Folder Creations - Edit this files and change commands as in Windows Command Prompt to make your 5800 automatically create custom folders of your choice in MMC and Phone memory after a hard reset.
    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9

    15. Rom Patcher - Put the file in given location to make RomPatcherLite in your CFW autostart.
    Location: rofs2/resource/

    16. Busy Circle - Just place in given location to have a new busy circle over your running applications in your menu.
    (It's a tiny blue black coloured curve instead of the default booring green busy circle)
    Location: rofs2/resource/apps

    17. Zylam Marex Menu - Use this mod to change your default menu and folder icons.
    Location: Use as instructed in the zip file
    [The No. 10 - Menu is also a good alternative to this, try it]

    18. Application policy - Edit this file to change user capabilities and application installation settings
    Location: rofs2/system/data

    19. Stop Nokia SMS - Place this file in given location to stop your phone from automatically sending SMS to Nokia after a
    flash or hard reset operation

    Location: rofs2/sys/bin

    20. All - Contains all available Rom Patcher patches for Nokia 5800
    I placed this folder directly on Z drive. Rom Patcher works perfectly fine and till now I
    faced zero reboot problem!

    The file is updated. 2 new patches added!! (Thx GOC)

    21. MIF - Use this tool to make MIF easily. Create your own splashscreens and shutdown screens

    22. Hidden Menu - Extra shortcuts in Menu: Connection manager, Themes, Profiles
    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9

    23. Music Player - Music player reads only E:/Music, create the folder and place your music files there!
    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9

    24. Java permision - Look into app manager/installed/"your installed Java apps'/options, see everything is always
    allowed and no more anoying notificatons!

    Mod Updated! Download the new file!!
    Location: Use as directed in the ZIP file (Thx Maler)

    25. Widget security disable - Use this Mod to disable annoying security warnings while opening widgets
    INFO: The Mod is updated and works fine now. (thanks to MALER)
    Location: rofs2/private/10282F06\

    26. File Transfer - Place this file in given location to get all received files directly on E:/Received. Don't forget to create the
    folder "Received" in your MMC. Or you may edit the file as you like

    Warning: Mod is currently out of order
    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9

    27. Multi - IMPORTANT: This mod is an updated and combined version of Mods No.15 and No. 19
    Use this Mod instead of No.15 and No.19 Mods

    Place the two files in given location and get these results:
    1. RomPatcher Autostart
    2. No Nokia SMS sending after hard reset or flash
    3. Fast Boot up (Optimized for speed)
    4. More free RAM on startup (I got 70.12 MB)

    Location: rofs2/resource
    Note: Remove welcome2.exe from rofs2/sys/bin if it's there. I did't like the idea of a dead "Phone
    Setup" icon on menu. The Nokia Welcome or Phone Setup application in menu will work....only it
    will not autostart and send sms automatically after a hard reset or a flash. I did this so that you
    can use the "Phone Setup" application if you need later..

    28. Lock Unlock - No more vibrations now when lock unlock screen with side key even when vibrations are turned on in
    (Thanks to GOC)
    Location: rofs2/private/10282BC4

    29. Improved Camera Sound - Use this mod to remove camera beep (taking photos and video) when warning tones in profiles
    are ON!!!

    Location: Read the help file in the zip for details

    30. - Anyone having problem with MIF Maker, use this software to convert JPEG or SVG to MIF
    INFO: Requires Python 1.4.5 to run
    Python: Download

    31. Improved Caching - This mod is an updated version of No.3 Mod.Use this Mod instead of mod No.3
    Place files in given location for improved caching on all drives

    Location: rofs2/sys/data

    32. Heap Size - This Mod Increases System Memory Heap Size and decreases Application Delay and Close Time
    Location: rofs2/private/10202D56

    33. Camera mute Mod - Another alternative to mute the camera sound even when warning tones are ON!
    (Stick to "Camera 1" as camera capture tone)
    Location: rofs2/system/ (thanks naughtypope)

    33. Information: Tips for changing default ringtone:
    1. Either use mod No.4 supplied here and then edit the file to target to your ringtone file
    2. Or convert your favourite to "aac" format and place in rofs2/data/sounds/digital and rename it as "Nokia tune.aac"
    3. If you want Gasolina as default use "" and place files in rofs2/data/sounds/digital
    (Thx naughtypope)

    34. Fixed Get 5 Homescreens for Nokia 5800
    1. Contacts Bar
    2. Full Page (6 icons)
    3. Finger Use (8 icons)
    4. Navigation Bar (Satio)
    5. Omnia HD (Basic)

    35. AIO Homescreens - 5 Homescreens for Nokia 5800
    Use either this Mod or Mod No. 34

    Click HERE to download!
    For Help About AIO Homescreens click HERE.

    36. BT Name - Edit this file and change the default Bluetooth name "Nokia 5800 XpressMusic" any name of your choice!
    Change it and see...

    Location: rofs2/private/100069CC

    37. Open - Pressing and holding the menu key for sometime opens up the Open Applications Dialog.
    Edit this file to change "Open Applications:" text to any test of your choice. Be carefull, use 18 leters only!

    Location: rofs2/resource
    Note: Look Lines "6db0" and "6dca" using Hex Editor and change!! Best of Luck!!

    38. Sensor - This mod is an upgrage to default sensor controls of Nokia 5800.
    After applying this mod open sensor settings and see. By using this mod you will be able to silence
    calls and snooze alarms just by shaking your phone

    Location: Use this mod as directed in the zip file.

    39. Multi Mod - For better performance and RAM the voice commands and some less used processes were
    dissabled in many CFWs available out here. It's also done in Mod No. 27 (Multi Mod).

    But If anyone wants Voice Commands back in action then use this mod. But remember you will
    have to compromise with your RAM. All functions of (Multi will also be available in this Mod. The
    only change is that Voice Commands will work.
    Location: rofs2/resource

    40. Copy - Edit this file to determine which files are copied from Z drive to C drive after Hard reset or flash.
    You can also add your own folders in this file which will be automically created after hardreset.
    This Mod can also be used to improve free space on C drive

    If Mod No. 14 dosen't work for you. use this Mod instead
    Location: rofs2/private/100059C9/ (Thx Maler)

    41. Disable Keyboard light.rar - no more keyboard (media bar, call, menu, end call buttons) light in 99.9% of phone time
    Location: rofs2/Private/ (Thanks to GOC)

    42. Revised Starter - According to needs of users I have modified the file "starter_non_critical_1.rsc" Use this file to get both
    Voice Commands and Data Connection processes to run smoothly. They were previously disabled in other
    similiar mods to optimize boot up and ram.

    Location: rofs2/resource

    43. Startup Sound Increase - Place file in given location to increse your startup sound upto 7x More. See help file in the zip
    for details.

    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9 (Thx io_mantapz2)

    44. KS Optimized - Use this mod instead of Mod No. 1 (New Improved KS to get optimized kinetic Scrooling Speed.
    Mod No. 1 was requested to be too fast by somne users. Use this to get a lesser Kinetic Scrolling speed
    than Mod No. 1

    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9

    45. Rotation lightning - Place file in given location to speed up sensor screen rotation when the mobile is turned.
    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9/

    46. HS New Icons - Use this file to get 3 extra icons "Menu, Dialer, Settings" on your homescreen. Looks great with these
    homescreens - Navigation Bar, Full Page. You will also get the dialer as these two homescreens
    don't have the dialer button.You can also edit the file and change application UIDs to get different

    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9

    47. Shutdown - Place this file in given location to power on Shutdown Animation and shutdown sound.
    Select any gif file (rename to shutdown.gif) and place in rofs2/data
    Select any mp3 file (rename to shutdown.mp3) and place in rofs2/data

    For startup animation place your GIF (rename to startup.gif) in rofs2/data
    For startup sound place your MP3 (rename to startup.mp3) in rofs2/data

    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9

    48. Default - Change the default wallpaper. Just edit the picture location in the file and then place the file in given location
    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9/

    49. Startup message - Edit the given line and get your own default startup message
    0x5 string "WRITE YOUR TEXT HERE" 16777216 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=WriteDeviceData
    0x6 int 1 16777216 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=WriteDeviceData
    By default there is '0' set it to '1' in line "0x6 int 1" to enable stsrtup message function
    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9/
    WARNING: This mod conflicts with mod 47 and 43. If you have already modified those according to your need than just edit that file
    as stated above

    50. File Browser - An excellent and fully working filebrowser on Z. Contains many functions but use very carefully. It will
    erase X-Plore from your head

    51. New - Contains some new patches that I found recently. It might help you people

    52. Xtreme - New Menu layout with great looking icons!!!
    Location: rofs2/

    53. Browser - This adds an option for screen rotation in browser to go landscape even when u have turned off the
    landscape mode in sensor settings. Go to display options and select rotate screen.

    Location: rofs2\private\10202be9

    54. Camera Ram - By deafult when u open the camera and exit it, it goes to RAM cache. Use this mod to prevent camera
    application from eating up your RAM.

    Location: rofs2\private\10202be9

    55. Settings - Use this mod to get everything what you see in settings in Applications folder.\
    Location: rofs2\private\10202be9

    56. Improved System - Use this mod to change the deafult system cache i.e cache of running applications to E:/ in order to
    increase performance and ram

    Location: rofs2\private\10202be9

    57. UI - This mod by NaughtyPope claims to speed up your phone. Runs applications and games at better frame
    rates and without lags. Theme effects are suppossed to be running smoother.

    Location: rofs2\private\10202be9

    Important Links for CFW Makers:
    Language Packs: HERE
    Applications that work in Z Drive: HERE
    Vodafone & Orange HS on Z (v40): HERE
    Change Default 4 Shortcuts: HERE
    Language tool for CFW: HERE
    Customized Effects for CFW: HERE
    Rofs3 Editing: HERE
    Save Battery Life: HERE
    Disable OVI contacts: HERE
    New effects by Mr. G: Rush, Slideshow, Glide
    Change Default Homescreen: HERE, MORE

    Important Notice:
    Place supplied files in given locations. Whichever file needs editting edit those your own way and place in correct location.

    I am trying my best to supply CFW Makers with every mod available in town but I need some help too. If anyone faces any problem with the supplied mods, if any mod dosen't work properly or If anyone has a better mod than those supplied here, please do notify me...
    Information: All mods and even more added on a Brand New Blazing Fast CFW: XTE Blaze

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    Default Re: All Mods For Newbee CFW Makers

    +1 Upakul
    Thats a sweet collection of mods i had a few of them in my CFW already.
    Now i got some more work.
    Thanks for posting this.

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    Default Re: All Mods For Newbee CFW Makers

    Thanks! But how can I edit default theme mod?


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    Default Re: All Mods For Newbee CFW Makers

    Quote Originally Posted by PedroCst
    Thanks! But how can I edit default theme mod?

    Just look my post
    (Edit rofs3 for best results)
    I have explained thes there...

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    Default Re: All Mods For Newbee CFW Makers

    Quote Originally Posted by LIBFAKK
    +1 Upakul
    Thats a sweet collection of mods i had a few of them in my CFW already.
    Now i got some more work.
    Thanks for posting this.
    You are welcome buddy..

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    Default Re: All Mods For Newbee CFW Makers

    +1 Thanks alot It really helps newbie like me

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    Default Re: All Mods For Newbee CFW Makers

    so what's the different between menu mod and menu refined by zylam?

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    Default Re: All Mods For Newbee CFW Makers

    Thanks a lot ! !

    These two mods are missing -
    - Increase System Memory Heap Size.
    - Decrease Application Delay and Close Time.

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    Default Re: All Mods For Newbee CFW Makers

    Can these mods be simply applied to hacked phone by copying the "txt" files in respective folders in C:\Private.

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    Default Re: All Mods For Newbee CFW Makers

    Quote Originally Posted by parthabhatta
    Can these mods be simply applied to hacked phone by copying the "txt" files in respective folders in C:\Private.
    Yup buddy...don't forget to apply c2z and c2z4bin patch!

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