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    Default Is there anyone trouble to uninstall app after flash own custom ROM??

    I'm Korean 5800 user, using KT Locked version..

    KT Locked 5800 has native SL3, which avoid downgrade.

    So I have build own cooked ROM for korean version of 5800.

    But after the ROM file processed via Nokiaeditor (0.4 & 0.5), device can not uninstall any app.
    Even I touched nothing before repack.

    If I came back to Official ROM, then there's no problem to uninstall apps.

    Is this only related with 5800 FW ver 10.4.101?? or happens any other version??

    PS. Korean Official ROM is just 10.4.101, because the Nokia released 5800 to Korean market last november...
    and the Nokia even do not release V40 update for Korean....

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    Default Re: Is there anyone trouble to uninstall app after flash own custom ROM??

    hi~ good to see you here...
    that's a very terrible problem in CFW.

    but, it seems there's no problem in their v40 CFW.
    then... what's the reason of this?

    no one has concerns about the other's problems here... it seems to be...
    i'm sorry for that.

    is there anyone to tell us, whether it's possible to uninstall apps. that you've install on the phone with CFW?


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