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    Default Re: Google Translator widget for Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 ( S60v5 )

    it this support vietnam language also ?

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    Default Re: Google Translator widget for Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 ( S60v5 )

    This morning I needed to send some Chinese SMS msgs from my phone, because in the present day was the Lunar New Year. Nonetheless, I could not discover a technique to give me easy translated strings... I searched a bit on the Web; there were some S60 WRTs already, but none appeared to let me minimize and paste the results... I was suprised no one (at the least I couldn't find) had created a Google Translate model for S60. So I had finished the engineer's way, write it myself; here I go... I wrote the entire thing in less then 20 min. Consider me, it took extra time to upload the widget to MOSH, create the preview pictures, and write this publish to tell you about it.

    Feedback and recommendations are welcome. If there are updates, I'll submit the links in this post or my private weblog here.

    Some tips:

    1) If you curious about reading more about Google AJAX Lanaguage API, right here is the hyperlink:

    2) In case your favorite language(s), aren't there you can change the code your self. Go into the widget index.html and change this part

    <choose id="tlang">
    <choice value="zh-TW">Chinese Trad</option>
    <choice value="zh-CN">Chinese Simpl</option>
    <choice worth="en">English</choice>
    <choice worth="fi">End</possibility>
    <option worth="fr">French</possibility>
    <option value="de">German</choice>
    <choice worth="it">Italian</choice>
    <option value="ja">Japanese</possibility>
    <possibility value="ko">Korean</possibility>
    <possibility worth="pt">Portuguese</choice>
    <possibility worth="es">Spanish</choice>

    (there are other sources about widget growth, I'm not going into that here.)

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