FedoroffSoft Vibra-Connect v2.0.9 Beta S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned (Updated 11.06.10)

Program gets vibration on:

● Vibra-Connect icon Connection. Phone vibrates during long beeps
● Talk begin. You get short vibration when call has been taken on the other side.
● At 55-th second of conversation. It is useful if you have got per-minute billing of.
● Disconnection. You get double short vibration when you hang up the phone or have been failed to dial.

Settings are a simple and clear: On a main screen you can switch base functions:

Vibrate on:

● Connection
● Begining of the conversation
● 55-th second
● Disconnection

You can set autostart and second to vibrate in the program's menu.

This is an unsigned beta version. Programs writes a log file: c:\data\VCserver.log and c:\data\VCVibrator.log
Program doesn't support all smartphones. See descriptions for details.


* After the first operation program disappeared vibration for incoming calls