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Thread: Skype for S60V5

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    Default Skype for S60V5

    With all the benefits of Skype on your phone you can save money and stay in touch when you're on the move. • Make free Skype-to-Skype calls and IM on 3G or WiFi. • Save money on calls and texts (SMS) to phones abroad. • Share pictures, videos and other files from your phone. It's free to use Skype in a WiFi zone. If you use Skype with a mobile data connection, operator charges may apply, so we rec ommend an unlimited data plan.

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    Default Re: Skype for S60V5

    I was making an important international call via skype today and lost the sound when I received a regular sms. In my panic I started smashing buttons untill the sound came back (the magic combo turned out to be speaker on and off). Can anyone tell me if Skype looses the focus or something?

    The best would be if Skype would block any incoming regular calls and does not give a notification of sms while on the skype call. Is there some way to achieve this? Or should I set a special 'Skype' profile in my phone that does this?


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