Avis control GSM monitors the appearance/disappearance of the cellular network signal and alarms on such event.
The program has no interface. Clicking the icon starts the process of the program. The configuration of the alarm (vibration, sound or text message) maybe defined by editing the text-file "!:\Data\ControlGSM\ControlGSM.ini", set 0 (Off) or 1 (On) for wanted option. File must be in Unicode.
You can change sounds - simply replace MP3 files in dir "!:\Data\ControlGSM\" with your own with the same names.

Key features:
╗ autostart;
╗ watch for losing of GSM-signal;
╗ watch for GSM-signal appearance;
╗ alarm with vibration, sound or text message.

The app is unsigned and must be signed before use!