No matter what your mobile phone make, model, or network, we can take almost all of your vital mobile phone information and place it on a secure server. Now, when you have to switch phones or accidentally break or lose your phone, you won't lose any of your contacts, pictures, ringtones, or videos.

You can transfer data via WAP, GPRS, 3G, and WIFI connections, making for a seamless transition to increased mobile phone security.

BUMP is exactly what you need to avoid the loss of your mobile memory content.
The name BUMP is an acronym for Back Up My Phone, which is exactly what we do.

And it's for FREE! You need BUMP application right now, because your mobile is asking for it. It's so easy to have it!

We allow you to back up your mobile phone content using Internet. We are a free phone backup service developer; available to mobile and cellphone users worldwide.

Your advantages:

*you can wirelessly backup, restore, and share all of the content you keep on your phones;

*the entire process is done using a GPRS connection to the internet via your phones service provider (use charges may apply depending on your carrier);

*almost all makes and models of mobile phone, along with the networks they run on, are supported by BUMP app;

*you are also able to get the phone backup services you need over a wi-fi connection. This allows you to avoid paying network charges.


*Unlimited backup of your contact information

*100 text message (sms) backup and restore (Unlimited for BUMP Premium account Customers). Once again, this depends on your handset

*2MB of mobile backup storage space for your pictures, ringtones, video, and anything else.