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    Default Calendar Outlook v1.9 S60V5 (N97, N97mini)

    A calendar widget for Nokia N97 and N97 mini that behaves like the "today view" from MS Outlook to provide a quick overview of the next upcoming events. On homescreen it shows 4 lines and if there are more events then it will be scrolling.

    German and English.


    - Some change on the info page
    - Added some padding to the titles of the main screen to look better.
    - Changed Homescreen background image handling because big libraries caused lock-ups.
    Just place the background image in your phone images folder or its subdirectory and name it calendar_outlook.[jpg|png|gif].

    - choose the same background image as in device
    - works best with 640*640

    Known issues:
    - some image aspect ratios not considered
    - image file size must be not too big (some limitation here)
    - Fixed some bug in meeting caused by Nokia.
    - Added update option. Homescreen widget needs to be closed/removed before update and an internet connection is required.

    Project page

    Direct Download (org download location)

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    Default Re: Calendar Outlook v1.9 S60V5 (N97, N97mini)

    hmm seems like a nice idea, does it work ok? many bugs?

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    Default Re: Calendar Outlook v1.9 S60V5 (N97, N97mini)

    Pardon the ignorance.. but do i have to build the .wgz file myself. The zip file says .wgz, but does not contain one. It has a listing of script files and other config files


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