Hello All,

1st post for me on this forum.

I have a nokia e51, and our company is thinking about buying several more of these OR the Nokia e71.

Problem is, we are in Canada but are a bilingual company (Japanese-English).

I found NAVIFIRM and downloaded it. It works well, and shows me different firmware versions available. There are none for Japan, however, even though the e71 was sold in Japan. (I don't know if it still is available.)

So, I know that Japanese firmware for e71 exists (or existed).

Question: Does anyone know if one of the other Asian firmwares for these phones has Japanese language in it?? For example, my phone was purchased as an unlocked phone from Taiwan, with firmware that includes several languages including English, Indonesian, Maylaysian??, Phillipino, and Vietnamese.

I tried 3rd party software for Japanese display and input. +J software works well, but not excellent, and Psiloc Crystal Japanese is very poor - so bad as to be unusable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

(PS - Yes, I DID search before posting...)

Dulwithe, The Dark Shadow.