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    Default Nokia map loader alternative

    Nokia Map Loader only works on Windows, needs .net framework, and if you add a new map the map loader deletes all your existing maps so you'll have to download them all over again.

    But you don't need Nokia Map Loader. This site links to all maps on Nokia's smart2go server. Works with any browser on any operating system, including Mac and Linux. No need to install anything on your computer, so it works when you're in a hotel, school, at work, or in an internet cafe.
    If your phone talks WiFi or 3G you can add and update maps from your phone's web browser without even touching a computer.

    You can download maps for entire continents, individual countries, or individual regions within some countries. Download sizes range from one megabyte (Gibraltar) to over a gigabyte (europe or america). You'll need a 4 GB card to fit the entire planet. Map coverage for western countries is quite good, maps for commercially less attractive parts of the world tend to contain lots of white space.


    Run Nokia Maps on your phone once before you add any maps or voices. This will create the required folder structure on your memory card.

    Unzip the downloaded map files and drop them into the appropriate folders on your memory card.

    On my Nokia the folder structure is cities with a subfolder called diskcache, filled with 16 subfolders called 0 to 9 and a to f, and each of these folders have another 16 subfolders 0 to 9 and a to f.

    Map files have the extension .cdt. Example:

    [memory card]\cities\diskcache\[0-9, a-f]\[0-9, a-f]\filename.cdt

    • On some Nokia phones (like the N95) maps are stored in:

    \Private\20001f63\diskcache\[0-9, a-f]\[0-9, a-f]\filename.cdt

    • To install, just drop the 16 folders called 0-9 and a-f into the diskcache folder.

    • If your phone has both folders, get a small map (for a single country) and try both folders to see which one works. Even Nokia's own map loader doesn't always get it right. Details on the Nokia discussion board.

    • You may need to tell your computer to show hidden files and folders.


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    Nokia Map Loader Alternative has the maps for Nokia Maps 3.0 Beta too. Of course it also has the maps for Nokia Maps 2.0 and 1.0, so all Nokia Maps versions for all phones are covered.



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