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    Default How To Use Hotmail POP3 With Your E71

    How To Use Hotmail POP3 With Your E71

    The Nokia E71 uses a brand-new email setup wizard to connect to a number of different web-based email services, such as Yahoo!, Gmail, and even Hotmail. Unfortunately, up until recently Hotmail did not offer POP3 service, and thus, this wizard on your Nokia E71 thinks itís still not possible. The result is a mostly-useless link in your browser to the mobile Hotmail site - not exactly what you were hoping for. Luckily, though, thereís a way to get around this, and use Hotmail with the default email client on your Nokia E71.

    The trick was posted by Dotsisx at Symbian-Guru, and involves simply tricking the wizard into letting you enter your own settings. First, open the New Email wizard by going to your messaging inbox and choosing the New Mailbox option. When the wizard asks you to enter your email address, you need to put in a fake email, something like or other. You can enter your real password, though, if you like. After this, the email wizard will try to setup the account. Once itís done, simply go to Options - Settings - Advanced Settings. Youíll see settings for both incoming and outgoing connections. Youíll need to open both of these, change the email to your actual email address, and make sure your password is correct.

    Here, you can also set a default access point, as well as any other user settings you may want, such as a signature or automatic retrieval. Note that youíll need to input the following settings, too:

    # Incoming Mail Server:
    # Security: SSL/TLS
    # Outgoing Mail Server:
    # Security: SSL/TLS
    # Port Number: 25

    Thatís it! You can now check your Hotmail POP3 email with the email client in your Nokia E71.

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    Default Re: How To Use Hotmail POP3 With Your E71

    thanks, works for the n95-1 too

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    Default Re: How To Use Hotmail POP3 With Your E71

    the new version of nokia email supports hotmail ..


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