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    Default Problem with E51 Wlan WPA2-Enterprise

    Hi, I've been fighting with the Wlan settings on my Nokia E51, i thought that i had everything entered in correctly but it gives me the error Internet: Unable to connect, Please try again

    Here are the settings for the wireless as stated by the school ITS guys.

    Here are the settings i have entered in
    First page:
    WLAN network mode : Infrastructure
    WLAN Security Mode WPA/WPA2

    WLAN security Settings Page
    WPA/WPA2 : EAP
    WPA2 only mode: ON

    EAP settings page
    I have EAP-PEAP as my number 1 priority and enabled, that's the only one i have enabled

    EAP-PEAP settings page:
    Personal Cert: Not Defined
    Authority Cert: Not Defined
    User Name in Use : User Defined
    User Name : I have my ID number typed in
    Realm in use: User Defined
    Realm: I have nothing typed in
    Allow PEAPv0, PEAPv1, PEAPv2 : Yes

    On the next page were you select the EAP to use
    I have EAP-MSCHAPv2 as my number 1 priority and enabled, that's the only one i have enabled

    On the EAP-MSCHAPv2 settings page i have my user name and password typed in, and Prompt pass set to no

    On the Cipher Page i have
    All enabled

    As far as i can tell all of my settings match my school provided settings, and i know i have my pass and username typed in correctly.
    If any one has any ideas on what to try or another program to use besides the default one that would be great to know.


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    Default Re: Problem with E51 Wlan WPA2-Enterprise

    its not happen on my e51.

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    Default Re: Problem with E51 Wlan WPA2-Enterprise

    Just run a normal wlan scan, then when network is found add username and password to connection.


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