Please, if anyone can offer any help, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am a bit confused about the whole python thing.

I have a nokia 5630 (s60v3 fp2), and so far I have installed python 2.0.0 and the script shell from the official website. (There were some to choose from, I chose the unsigned developers version, and signed it for my phone.) (Installed to memory card)

Some python apps install and are working fine. Other python apps do not work at all.

The icon appears after install, but nothing happens when i try to run the app. This happens whether I try installing on mem card or phone memory.

Do I need a different version of python instead? I have come across a few:
PowerPython4All, ExtraPowerModulePack, UltraPowerModulePack.

Which one do I need? Will it let me use any python app?

Many thanks