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    Default SMB filesharing client for S60

    There was a tool called SymSMB from Telexy (SMB protocol client for S60 allowing file transfer/sharing over WLAN). It seems that this application is not supported anymore. (Some rumors say that Nokia bought this app from Telexy). There is SymSync from Telexy (similar tool for file synchronization over WLAN network).

    Does anyone know for similar freeware (SMB client) tool for S60?

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    Default Re: SMB filesharing client for S60

    SMB4S60 v0.0.1 - SMB Client for Symbian

    SMB for S60 is a free python application which allows you to browse Windows shared folder and SMB Network folders from your phone.

    Features :

    * Works with Windows XP and Samba Server
    * Access speed is good
    * Save already accessed server
    * Easy to use
    * Only supports download from smb server to phone ( copying from phone to server will be added in the next release )

    Tested on N78.

    Requirements :

    * Nokia S60 3rd edition phone.
    * Wi-Fi (To access local area network )
    * Python for S60

    Known Problems :

    * Currently it does not support
    Windows Vista Shared folders
    * Occasionally file download stops working. We need to exit the application and retry.
    * Only works if installed to internal memory.

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