I have tried several times to transfer my messages from my Nokia E50 to Nokia E62 but have not succeeded. I transferred my contacts through Nokia PC Suite as there is an option for copying the contacts. I connected both E50 and E62 to Nokia PC Suite via bluetooth and made the contacts transition. Bit this doesn't work for messages. It shows an error which says that there are different languages in both the devices. Below are the details regarding my phones.

Nokia E50 (RM170)
Firmware version:

Nokia E62 (RM8
Firmware version: 2.0618.06.17

Furthermore; I updated the firmware of my E50 and it restarted with the Portuguese as default language. Though I have changed it to English, I want to know that if there is any update with English as default language. If yes. send me the download link. I updated my firmware using Nokia Software Updater V2.4.5en.

I also want to know how get or install the TIM theme in E62. I have gotten this theme in E50 after the firmware upgrade. This theme looks cool and I also want this theme because I want to use same theme on both of my mobile phones.

And finally; how am I supposed to get rid of the calendar entry in active idle in my E62. In E50 it is possible to select the active idle plugin but in E62 there is no such option. One can disable active stand by but in this case all the 7 icons are gone. I want these 7 icons to stay but the calendar entry below these 7 icons is not needed at all.

Please help me in all the above mentioned issues. It will be great if all/any of these problems are solved by posting this topic. I have been using this forum as a symbian knowledgebase for quite a while as a guest. But now regarding these issues I felt very concerned with the registration to solve them. So please help me in anyways you can.

Thanks in advance.