i am using nokia e72 from 2 months and it has some advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the problem includes, hanging space bar, supports voip through wlan only and some additional software has to be installed, fast but 70 to 80 mb of ram is used by phone only out of 128 mb resulting in closing of opened applications frequently(open high bandwidth web pages and web application will exit automatically), mfe does not work with html mail and we cant even update it, gps reception is not as good, sound is not as loud as u have thought.

Some of the advantages are battery back up is good, it can be hacked using hello o
x, opti navi key, built in mfe and nokia email, dictionary.in short you can say it the N series business phone.

I hope some of the problems will be fixed in new firmware.
I live in india and still the new firmware is not released.

I had written the mail to nokia listing some of these problems, but the reply was not helping in any way.so decided to write a mail copy marked to nokia's ceo because feeling like robbeb by noka.feeling like paid 19000 bugs for some handset which is full of bugs!!!LOL