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    Default Six week old N85 not covered under warranty

    Hi everyone, I am an N85 owner from Australia and was hoping people could share there experiences with me. First, here is mine.

    I bought my N85 on December 20th. Over time the panel that surrounds the dpad become loose before eventually falling off yesterday. There are plenty of stories over the net about how it's just glued on.

    In Australia there is an ELF period where within the first 30 days a phone will be replaced otherwise after that until the end of the 12 months it's covered by warranty. Unfortunately I just missed out on that as it's been 6 weeks so I took it into a Nokia Care Centre to get it repaired. One would assume this is covered under warranty as it is not a result of any physical damage, it just came off due to poor design.

    Anyway, they refused to cover it under warranty as they said it is physical damage. Even though they inspected the phone and said there was no physical damage, as the part came apart from the phone, Nokia classes it as physical damage, hence the Care Centre can't repair it under warranty.

    Is there anybody out there who has had there phone repaired due to this fault? Was it covered under warranty?

    Another thing was, when I went to pick the phone up the screen was covered in dust. There was no dust when I took it in but they said there was. When I argued that there wasn't, they then changed their story to due to the part missing, dust went through the gap (though I can't see any gap there). They say they didn't take the screen off yet the screws are missing.

    So now my phone has dust under the screen and the dpad surround missing. I am going to escalate this further to my operator and if they don't help, Nokia Australia as my 6 week phone is a dud and Nokia refuse to cover it under warranty based on a technicality.

    Here are some pics

    If anybody has had similar issues and had there phone fixed under warranty by Nokia can you please let us know?

    From a disillusioned Nokia fan.


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    Default Re: Six week old N85 not covered under warranty

    well first let me tell you that the keymat problem is n85 is a common issue .nokia will not cover it under warranty as this is a cosmetic defect and for them it comes under physical damage nothing can be done about it ,

    as far as the dust problem ,the people at nokia care must have opened ur phone and didnt assemble it correctly ..i once had gone thru same issue ,i had given my n73 for repair at nokia care ,before repair it didnt have single spec of dust in screen but after the repair i could see dust getting in my screen , i asked nori car eand they told me that it will stay like this only , i had to fight with them to get this thing fixed

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    Default Re: Six week old N85 not covered under warranty

    it is a common issue you should contact nokia directly and launch a complain again the nokia care center that you went to. it has been written about a million times, my n85 actually died few days ago still dealing with that. call them or email them and do not give up it is an evident hardware issue and not user damage issue. good luck fighting a good fight. do not give up!!!!


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