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    Default Nokia Curse Cleaner application - remove the curse

    This application can clean a Nokia S60 3rd Edition (Initial or Feature Pack 1) based device, which may have received a so called “Curse of Silence” SMS message, and thereby restricted from receiving any new SMS messages.

    After you have installed the application, it will ask for execution permission. During execution, application attempts to clean received Curse of Silence-messages from your phone. After execution the application will be deinstalled and phone will be restarted.

    You can download and install this application in several ways:

    * Input into your phone's browser (where available) to access this page and download SMS Cleaner file directly to your phone and install

    * Download SMS Cleaner to your PC, transfer it to your memory card or phone memory and install the application

    * Download SMS Cleaner to your PC and use Nokia PC Suite to install the application into your phone

    Please note that there may be “Curse of Silence” messages queued up in the SMS Center of your Operator Network. In this case you might need to install and run the application again.

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    Default Re: Nokia Curse Cleaner application - remove the curse

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    Default Re: Nokia Curse Cleaner application - remove the curse

    i add the info here also since your post were under another post =)

    Curse of Silence Malware Hits S60 3rd Ed!??

    Warning: Curse of Silence -:- Malware Hits S60 3rd Ed!??
    31 December 2008
    Mobile Virology:
    Curse of Silence, a Symbian S60 SMS Exploit?

    Now when the platform is hacked and just when we thought we
    know practically everything there was to know about the 3rd
    edition of the S60 platform and new security system, I
    stumbled upon something really interesting.
    F-secure has just warned mobile phone users of a new worm
    which as is not S60 2nd Edition exclusive as usually and
    affects 3rd edition devices as well.
    Sounds bad but to be really honest with you, I'm not scared
    about it. With the risk of repeating myself I'll say again
    that there is no real danger if you are careful enough,
    actually, Smartphone users have to do a lot wrong to get
    infected and the latest exploit isn’t expected from this rule.

    Anyway, this easily reproducible SMS exploit was disclosed and
    demonstrated today at the 25th Chaos Communication Congress by
    the Tobias Engel. What is the most interesting about the
    exploit is fact that exploit is effective against a most of
    the Symbian S60 Smartphones and will effectively prohibit
    victims from receiving SMS messages.
    The 25th Chaos Communication Congress (25C3) is the annual
    four-day conference organized by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC)
    in Berlin, Germany.
    First held in 1984, it since has established itself as “the
    European Hacker Conference”, attracting a diverse audience of
    thousands of hackers, cientists, artists, and utopists from
    all around the world.
    According to Engel's research, the exploit affects the
    messaging components of Nokia S60 2nd ed and 3rd ed Fp1
    devices as well, but F-secure’s labs determined that Sony
    Ericsson UiQ devices are vulnerable as well.

    Versions 2.6, 2.8, 3.0, and 3.1 are also better known as
    S60 nd Edition, Feature Pack 2; S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 3;
    S60 3rd Edition (initial release); and S60 3rd Edition,
    Feature Pack 1 respectively.
    The vulnerability is very simple to exploit via an SMS
    message. No special software is required and the message can
    be drafted from a large number of phones. The message just
    needs to be formatted in a particular way. (We will not
    provide exact details here.)
    What happens when a vulnerable
    phone receives the exploit message?

    Example 1 — on the older 6680 nothing happens. Nothing at all…
    The first exploit message is enough to crash the SMS messaging
    service. It is a completely silent attack and there are no
    hints of trouble presented to the victim. The phone will
    simply stop receiving SMS (as well as MMS) messages.

    Example 2 — on the newer N95, nothing will happen until
    several messages have been sent by the attacker. Then, once
    the critical limit has been reached, the phone will prompt an
    alert: "Not enough memory to receive message(s). Delete some
    data first."
    The attack messages will not be visible from the Inbox, and
    deleting previously received messages will not resolve the

    There will also be one additional notification on the N95. A
    blinking envelope, indicating that the Inbox is full, appears
    in the upper right-hand corner of the display.
    Turning the N95 off and on again may return some limited
    functionality, but that functionality is very fragile. One
    multi-part message was enough to completely disable our test
    phone's SMS/MMS service, at which point even cycling the power
    did not help.


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    Default Re: Nokia Curse Cleaner application - remove the curse

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    Default Re: Nokia Curse Cleaner application - remove the curse

    great post,i shall be wary of these messages

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    Default Re: Nokia Curse Cleaner application - remove the curse

    yeah! is it on malaysia?? are "they" here? in malaysia??


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