X-SMS by Siraj is a Python program for Symbian to back up your SMS messages. You can store your messages as .txt, .doc, .pdf, and .html.

The program could be a bit more user friendly. For example, before you install X-SMS you'll have to go into your system folders to delete a file called shutil.py, and backing up and restoring messages requires that you switch your message memory from phone to memory card or vice versa. Maybe that will be fixed in the next version of X-SMS?

PC Suite restores your old SMSs and deletes your new messages, but X-SMS restores your messages in a non-destructive way. When you restore a backup with X-SMS, the messages you received after you made the backup are preserved.

Warning: X-SMS only backs up messages from your inbox. So move all your messages to your inbox before you make a backup, or else you may lose the messages from your sent folder and custom folders.

To install and use X-SMS you'll need to hack your phone and have Python installed, because X-SMS needs access to your system folders to do its job.

u need caps on before installing / running xsms

Backups are here E:/Dymz/My_SMS Backup/