BT File Manager v1.3.2
Application to browsing and copy files from other phones via Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer.

Changed icon to:

- Ok, but why i need this app?
- When you want send large/many files to other device its not possible if this device have few MB free memory on C drive. With this app you can send large/many files to selected folder of destination device.
Additionaly you can download any file from other device, to selected folder in your device.
Similar situation like usung two panes in ActiveFile or using FTP connections.

- Czech
- English (translation: Chuckles)
- Slovak (translation: Chuckles)
- Russian (translation: Roleme)
- German (translation: Badmarzl)
- Polish (translation: Krisss117)
- Spanish (translation: SmartGenius)
- Portuguese (translation: Daniel Perez)
- Serbian (translation: Djordje Barac)
- Ukrainian (translation: Yurii V. Sokolov)
- Arabic (translation: الشيخ بو فردة)
- French (translation: WzCocoon)
- Italian (translation: Marco Gazzoli)
- Lithuanian (translation: Speedas)

- CLDC 1.0
- MIDP 1.0
- JSR 75
- JSR 82

Version 1.3.2
- added French, Italian, Lithuanian