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    Default Monitor Moca v0.1.1 S60v3

    The Monitor is a MoCA component in charge of gathering information about the mobile device and the wireless network, sending it periodicaly to CIS at the fixed network. It collects informations about the available device┤s resources, such as: CPU usage, free memory and remaining battery energy and some connectivity data such as: MAC address, IP/Mask and the current Access Point. It also performs scans on the wireless network to identify all Access Points within the range of the device, obtaining their physical addresses (BSSIDs) and their RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) values. The monitor also sends information when a handoff is detected, i.e. when either the current IP address or AP changes.

    To use the Monitor, it is necessary to establish a connection with some wlan access point. To do so, you can use the WLAN Wizard to search for access points, or use some application (like the web browser) that connects to the network."

    After the installation process, the application executable will be located on the phone application menu.

    The application main window has two commands: "Options" and "Exit". The "Exit" command terminates the application. The "Options" command pops up a menu with further options. The "Edit MoCA Config" options lets the user change the MoCA Configuration

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    Default Re: Monitor Moca v0.1.1.S60v3 and v5

    thanx for the share

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    Default Re: Monitor Moca v0.1.1.S60v3

    * Moved to Symbian S60v3 Applications*


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