Dolby Labs on the importance of the Nokia N8 and a rebirth for surround sound:

HCC: Playing Devil’s Advocate, what’s the big difference between what we’ve seen here and what users can download from iTunes?

JJ: ‘iTunes is two-channel, this is high-quality multi-channel. If you buy a show from iTunes it will probably be two-channel with a bit-rate of 192kbps.’

HCC: ‘The big issue going forward is how do you get content onto the phone? That’s the missing part of the proposition.

JJ: ‘That’s very much on Nokia’s agenda, but I can’t obviously give any content partners’ names away at this point because the services are not live. But in conjunction with tools that we have to support this we have a little tool pack called Dolby Media Generator that we’re giving out to content owners and what you might call major mobile delivery aggregator-type companies. They’re taking this toolset to be ready for this and any future devices that might come out on the market’.