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Which again suxx like hell... That means no QT Core and no full S^4 like it was meant to fully be for our N8... only what it can bear... :-(

It's obvious that they don't want to fully get rid of the S^3 thing on N8 because they'd loose their 'backwardscompatibility' It's bullsh|t that the N8 hardware couldn't bear full QT symbian.
I don't see that as an impossible option, at least when most of the apps are non-Symbian code (like Qt, WRT, QML,...), in future. Let's say after one year of it's release when there is enough apps.

Other option is to leave Symbian components there (unused by core apps) for 3rd party apps, they just eat up some megs of C-drive.

In any case, you can expect long life span for N8 as it's a hit phone like 5800 XM.