guys i have aquestion, i have gotten an nokia n8 with fw 14.002, but if i update fw with original or modded firmware the phone gets unstable, it randomly freeze or reboot, i tried multiple time to flash difrent ofw and cfw but now phoenic cant flash it anymore, well it still can program but not flash after the 100% programing, normaly after 100% the test mode screen pops up , but my phone dont show that anymore, i get the message in phoenix that it failed to flash, after that phone wont boot up untill i reconnect the usb cable sothat it start charging , then i disconnect the cable and turn on the phone, my current fw im running is OFW 14.002 RM-596 NL DG (059C640) its stable it dont reboot or freeze, , so what could the problem be ? it became unstable when i tried the 1st cfw