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    Default OS 10.8 Mountain Lion makes a stealth attack

    <div><span>Okay, this isnt really a mobile post, but in an odd sort of way it is. Apple has quietly just announced Mountain Lion (OS 10., the new version of their desktop operating system, and the signs of a transition to something way more iOS are definitely here. </span></div><div><span></span>
    Just a developers preview for now, the upgrade is still very much in its infancy, but there are a host of changes. Heres a quick overview:
    Notes, iMessage, Game Center and Reminder apps. Your favorite iOS apps are all here and are all built right into 10.8. They all work with Apples cloud storage and sync offering, iCloud, so when you start a conversation on your iPhone or iPad, you can pick it up on your Mac, right where you left off.
    </span></div></div><div>Notification Centre
    Mountain Lion also brings Notification Centre to the desktop. Predictably, it looks very similar to the iOS version and works pretty much in the same way, except it lives in the space just right of your desktop. This is probably the feature Im most excited about, and is likely to have the most affect on your work flow.</div><div>Twitter
    Everyones favorite microblogging service is here too. You can tweet directly from various apps and add Twitter handles to your contacts. Hopefully integration with other services is on the way.</div><div>There are some other great features like Gatekeeper, a new security feature, Chinese support, and airplay mirroring. And again, this is just the developer's preview.</div><div>
    Its interesting to see Apple investing so much in merging the two operating systems together, and makes you wonder, where to from here for our precious iDevices?
    <a href="">

    [Read the original blog post]

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    Default Re: OS 10.8 Mountain Lion makes a stealth attack

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