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    Default Better E-mail app for C905 (which supports IMAP) ?


    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't seem to get the built-in email application to work properly with IMAP folders on the C905. I can view the Inbox (and read mail etc), and that's about it. I cannot view all the other folders created at the IMAP server, and my sent mails are only placed locally in "Sent mails" on the C905, not on the server.

    So does anyone know if a Java program (paid version is fine if it's a great app!) that will run on the C905 and provides better IMAP support? I don't need auto-checking, but I do need access to my folders and the ability to have my sent mails placed on the IMAP server as well.


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    Default Re: Better E-mail app for C905 (which supports IMAP) ?


    they have a free java push client


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