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    Default Samsung SGH-G810

    Hi, I got a G810 from germany, and I'm norwegian. Is it possible to change firmware on this?
    I want the language pack to nordic on this phone, or is it not made since its not sold in stores up here? I would prefer norwegian language, but I can live with english.
    the other reason is, this phone was set up for german o2 I think, and I have tried setup the phone for my operator for sms and web, It wont connect to net with gsm/edge/3g, just Wlan.
    And I can recive sms, but not send... to some contacts it wont send at all, but some it will (he had also a symbian s60 phone) he recived just "@" no matter what I wrote

    Thanks Morten

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    Default Re: Samsung SGH-G810

    yes you can change the language to the nordic but you cannot do it by yourself, you gotta go to a service center and they will re-flash your phone firmware to the nordic pack


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