What we have here is a UI for tablet, named Macallan. The name sounds sweet, but you’ve yet to see the interface that it’s providing. With a ‘page turning’ theme, this is something that UI Centric is integrating into the Windows 7 tablet OS. What’s more, it supports multitasking, which you can see in the video below.

The interface seemed very sleek and sexy at this point, but it’s still abit sluggish, perhaps due to tablet hardware restrictions. Users can literally ‘turn pages’ to return to the home screen, or merely peek at an underlying app, before quickly returning to the task at hand. Simple multitasking showcased feature there.

UI Centric is promising flash and camera support, and a simplified UI approach. Surely a sound contender to Apple’s iOS. UI Centric is promising that a “major manufacturer” will ship a device with the Macallan UI by Q3. Perhaps RIM might even use this UI on their upcoming Blackpad.