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Sony Ericsson W705 Walkman phone, an aluminium-crafted slider with HSDPA, Wi-Fi and a 3.2-megapixel camera and LED flash.

Sony Ericsson W705 also has another two versions: Sony Ericsson W705a, for the Americas, and Sony Ericsson W705 u, an UMA-enabled, Orange-exclusive version.


* Award-winning clear audio experience – listen to music as it was meant to be heard
* Desktop direct search to online music – Go online for the best songs and most popular videos on YouTube
* Wi-Fi and DLNA certified™ – connect the way you want
* PlayNow arena - a complete range of mobile entertainment
* Shake control – switch tracks and control the volume with the flick of a wrist
* SensMe - create playlists based on mood rather than artists or genres
* Large 2.4” screen – view websites and emails with high clarity
* Automatic rotation – switch from portrait to landscape with just a tilt of the phone
* Google Maps for Mobile – never get lost again
* 3.2 megapixel camera – snap and share your favourite images via Bluetooth™
* FM radio with TrackID - listen to the radio while on the move
* 4GB memory card – store up to 3900 songs

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