But of these apps are for 2010 F1 races.

You can make a choice:

1. F1 Mobile from Deepweb

German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Romanian, Russian and Dutch. It contains information about the circuits, drivers and teams. It also possible to fill in the race results or update the race results on-line

F1 2010 supports many displays from QVGA up to QXGA on all Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PC and SmartPhone)!

Update V 3.6
-Results: GP Monaco 2010
-Buxfixes for overall pole position/start in driver/team details
-New language added: Polish/Polski (thanks: Luke)
Download(click "E"(nglish), "Palm/Windows Mobile","Software" (on the left)"Windows Mobile" (right) and choice for "F1 2010" on the left)

The second program,

F1 Pocket 2010 v2.5

Does the same as the above.

Technical features:

* Multilanguage
* Drivers, Circuits and Teams information.
* Internet updateable.
* When you make an update, it warn you if there is a new version.
* vga (480x640) , qvga (240x320) ,wvga (480x800) and wqvga (240x400) versions.
* Improved graphical interface.
* Poles, first, second and third places information. Also dropouts information.
* Time remaining until next race.

Developed by Chinubrio over graphical interface and by Ricardo Fraile (me) over writting code.

With the collaboration of my girlfriend Marta Sßez , Beatriz Brogeras, Daniel Gete and his girlfriend Chiara, and David Robledo.
Download (scroll down the page)