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<span id="intelliTxt">The Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman
[*]Optimised video playback with style and performance – get the best possible video resolution in your pocket
[*]Videos straight to your phone - Wi-Fi and Turbo 3G – easy video access to YouTube and other entertainment sites
[*]Clear 2.6” display - with desk stand, powerful speakers or 3.5mm audio jack
[*]8.1 megapixel camera – take picture perfect images with Photo Flash and face recognition
[*]Clear audio experience – enjoy the best sound possible, the way it was meant to be heard
[*]8GB Memory Stick Micro – save an inexhaustible amount of photos, video clips and sounds
[*]Tag a place-name to your memories or stay on track with aGPS and Google Maps™[/list]

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