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    Default K610 and K770 problems??

    Has any one other then me suffered problems with there sony ericssons??
    Ihad the k610i and the k770i and nothin but trouble between turning off or messages coming in extremly delayed like in the k610i

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    Default Re: K610 and K770 problems??

    That is normal for almost all SE-phones. Can't think of any phones from 3 years 'till now that is stable, fast and actually does what it's intendant to do.
    I'm sorry all SE-fans, but this is my experience from owning SE, friends owning SEs, from work and from reading forums.

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    Default Re: K610 and K770 problems??

    I had SE phones since the T68i and I barelly got problems or bugs but I change phones every year so I couldn't tell for 3 years


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