Good day everyone.

As titled, I would love to hear some comments especially from people with hands-on experience. Kindly advise on these 2 models as I've been considering them for some time and decided that its time to get one of them. The key factor is the camera performance as it'll be replacing my digital cam. I also welcome other recommendations if you have any better ones in mind. Do note that I'm not a professional photographer and the camera will be used for daily purpose or during vacation, thus it doesn't need to be like, VERY perfect or something as long as the photos taken are clear enough and the colours are pretty, something like the quality of both the models stated above are alright already. Other aspects to be considered are:

1. User- friendly
2. Hanging and freezing problem
3. Music quality and volume
4. Video quality (Recording AND playing)
5. Touch sensitivity
6. Operating speed
7. Internet connectivity & Web browser

Many many thanks in advance.