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    Default [Project Dead] Hacking the S40 5th Edition (example: Nokia 5130)

    The Nokia 5130 and similiar S40 v5 phones have thin and slim firmware files

    I am familiar with S60 v5th firmware files. But need some help tho recognise the firmware files of S40 v5 phones

    I think the ".mcusw" file should be the core. Size is approx 18.5MB
    There are two more files that contain firmware database (Might be the operator variant and language variant images)
    Sizes of these two files are 12MB and 6.5MB approx

    So there is nothing that big before us to crack....

    Need help in this regard. If anyone is interested... please help me


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    Default Re: [Project] Hacking the S40 v5th Edition (example: Nokia 5130)

    i have 5310XM and 5800 XM...............what kinda help u need?


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