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    Default Motorola Droid X shipping with serious display defects?

    Video description:
    <blockquote>I bought this Droid X this morning. I've had it all of about 11 hours, when this began. It appears to be a problem with just the screen or graphics subsytem. Interacting with the device seems bring up the expected screens and apps.
    Remediation Attempts: I've tried a hard reboot, removing the battery, killing apps and widgets, turned off bluetooth/wifi/geoloc/etc, changing the wallpapers to no effect.
    Sleeping the phone by pressing the top button, and letting it sit for a few minutes seems to quell the issue for a couple minutes. Once it's turned back on, the screen begins to flicker again, and eventually you get the nasty lines back. I will take it to back to verizon tomorrow.
    And for the record, it hasn't been dropped or abused. It's been in the protected silicone sleeve that I bought with it since this morning. I also got the leather belt clip, it's been sitting in both.</blockquote>
    Hmm doesnt look good at all, i know of at least 4 other Droid X owners that has the same problem. If you are experiencing the same problem, go back to the store and they will most likely give you a new one (within 3 days)

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    Default Re: Motorola Droid X shipping with serious display defects?

    They have spent massive amounts of money to get the flicker just right. And if it bothers you, just don't use the device too long.

    Or which company were we talking about now again?


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