Ok, so I was recently searching for a n900's photocamera app, and came across 'Blessn900'.
Now the problem.
I can't install it because it has conflicts with the following packages;
Meamo 5 (3.2010.02-8.203.1)

Now my actually question was; Is there a way to delete / uninstall those 'Libqt' packages, I don't remember myself installing all of them. I might have installed 1, for quake / open arena a while back, but I certainly didn't install them all. I googled like hell, but can't find anything about how to delete / uninstall those packages?

And what is with 'Meamo 5' itself being in the conflict list? Do I have an outdated OS? Or is it just the app itself who is outdated?

I've been having more troubles with installing apps because of those 'Libqt' files, and want to get rid of em, they're starting to bug me.

Thank you in advance.