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    Default JME C64 v1.10 - Commodore 64 Emulator (Update:02.04.09)

    JMEC64 is a Java-based emulator for the most popular Homecomputer of the80s, the Commodore 64. It started out as a port of jac64, anotherJava-based C64 emulator, to the J2ME platform.

    System requirements

    MIDP 2.0 (or later) enabled device
    2 MB RAM for Java applications (3 MB for versions <= 1.7.4)
    at least 160x100 pixels display resolution (less will work but you won't be able to make something out on the screen)
    a fast CPU (otherwise programs will run too slow)
    a display with at least 320x200 pixels, which is the native resolution of a C64
    mobile device should support JSR-75 (FileConnection and PIM API) for loading files from the devices file system

    Loading programs
    Making C64 files available for the emulator
    Priorto loading programs you should make sure that the emulator gets theinformation which C64 programs are available on the phone. If the phonesupports JSR-75 (FileConnection and PIM API), then you can use the'Search programs' menu entry to search for C64 programs. The mobiledevice will ask for permission to access the phones directories andthen do the search, finally reporting how many C64 programs were found.The list of programs found is stored on the mobile device, so that thissearch does not need to be repeated. These can then be loaded into theemulator. Additionally all programs can automatically be loaded intothe emulator, which were compiled into the JME C64 Jar file.

    Youcan load a program using the 'Load disk/tape image' command. Thiscommand first attaches a C64 image to the emulator. Afterwards you canselect to load a program from the image. If you choose to abort at thisstep, no program is loaded but the image is still attached. For loadinga program you have the choice between fast-loading and normal loading.You best try fast-loading first, but if the program does not runcorrectly when loaded this way, then try normal loading, which isconsiderably slower than fast loading. You may also select to directlyrun the program after loading by using the Fast Load + Run command.

    Supported file types
    Thefollowing file extensions are currently supported when loadingprograms: .d64, .t64, .prg and .p00. Additionally, if you saved amodified image before, you may load the .dlt file which stores themodifications to the corresponding original file. In that case theoriginal .d64 image is loaded first and then the modifications areapplied.

    Starting a program
    The 'Run current program' commandis used to run a program that was previously loaded. The command simplytypes &quot;RUN&quot; on the command prompt.

    Keyboard & Joystick input
    Someoften used keys can be accessed using the menu item 'Special keys'.Other keyboard typing can be done using the 'Type text' command. Themobile device's navigation keys are used for joystick navigation.
    Upto v1.5.x: To toggle the joystick between the C64's joystick ports 1and 2, use the 'Joystick options' command. Using this menu you can alsocontrol how the pointing device of your mobile device - if one isavailable - can be used to emulate a joystick.

    1.10 (based on rev. 729)
    - added MIDI-based sound implementation that should make sound work on most modern mobile devices.

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    Default Re: JME C64 v1.10 - Commodore 64 Emulator (Update:02.04.09)

    Can play in my Nokia 5800??

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    Default Re: JME C64 v1.10 - Commodore 64 Emulator (Update:02.04.09)

    Quote Originally Posted by hoo7
    Can play in my Nokia 5800??
    tried to run it, but is not "tap friendly", so you have to use the virtual keys.
    and just realized. the comomodore has a full keyboard, so ""some"" games and pograms wont be usable


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